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Refrigerant Phase Out Dates

refrigerant phase out dates

  • causing cooling or freezing; "a refrigerant substance such as ice or solid carbon dioxide"

  • any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • (refrigeration) the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • Causing cooling or refrigeration

    phase out
  • terminate gradually

  • the gradual reduction of a government regulation or trade barrier (chapter 17)

  • An act of discontinuing a process, project, or service in phases

  • the act or instance of a planned discontinuation

  • (date) go on a date with; "Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart"

  • The day of the month or year as specified by a number

  • (date) the specified day of the month; "what is the date today?"

  • (date) a participant in a date; "his date never stopped talking"

  • A particular day or year when a given event occurred or will occur

  • The years of a person's birth and death or of the beginning and end of a period or event

refrigerant phase out dates - Meeting Anthropology

Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase: Growing Up, Spreading Out, Crowding In, Switching on

Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase: Growing Up, Spreading Out, Crowding In, Switching on

In Meeting Anthropology, the major phases through which our species has passed provide the structure for a truly coherent encounter with general anthropology — biological, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic. In Part I, Graber provides an introduction to general anthropology and evolution. Part II, "Growing Up," covers the evolution of upright, large-brained primates. Part III, "Spreading Out," details how culture allowed these handy, intelligent beings to expand from their tropical homes to fill the world. Part IV, "Crowding In," focuses on the dramatic cultural reconfigurations wrought by the growth of large societies, as humans populated the earth ever more densely. Part V, "Switching On," explores how contemporary culture emerged from, and continues to be transformed by, the development of a world system and the ongoing process of industrialization. Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase combines breadth, brevity, and clarity to make the introductory course a more coherent intellectual experience.
Throughout the book, the imperative we share with all animals to find and use energy sources is a key integrative theme. Also highly integrative is the book’s consistency in defining and analyzing cultural systems — including our own — in terms of (1) the means by which societies interface with their physical and social environments; (2) the customary ways in which members of society interact with one another; and (3) the ideas through which reality is interpreted symbolically.
A teacher's manual is also available.

83% (13)

With the necrons down to ten they phase out

With the necrons down to ten they phase out

A 1500 point capture and control spearhead deployment battle between the necrons and the imperial guard was fought.

The necron player, myself, was given the task of setting up the battlefield and I made a critical mistake there. I had just finished a graveyard set piece and I wanted to use it. However, the set piece doesn't block very much vertical hieght (being more for warhammer skirmish terrian games) which left a 2 foot by 2 foot patch of no cover on the table.

The guardsmen player was able to capitalize on that mistake and deployed on the corner opposite it forcing me to take the graveyard as my starting point.

Thus the necrons were open to the blasts of the imperial tanks from turn one.

With the guard taking two battle tanks, one barriage tank and three transports the necrons were already out gunned. The guardsmen deployed in a line with clear sight into the graveyard and prepared themselves to blast the necrons as they tried to cross it.

The necrons new they were not going to be able to sit and just hold their objective under the weight of all the guns of the guard. Thus they saw their only chance to be a charge. Taking it by putting a large 20 man squad with a necron lord equiped with a res orb, is 4+ ward save and 30 points of other gear in the middle and a 12 man flanking squad on one side. A unit of wraiths was deployed as forward as possible, hoping to be able to survive long enough to get into close combat with the tanks.A monolith and a six swarm unit of scarb beetles in reserve to deepstrike behind the tank line.

On the opening turn the guardsmen were able to destroy two of the tree wraiths and nine of the necron warriors in the middle. The lord lived thanks to his field and was able to bring six warriors back as well. They pushed forward to the wall of the graveyard. The guardsmen were still able to see the necrons however (the wall isn't tall enough) and blasted the necrons for a second volley, able to smash all the warriors down (so no leadership test to see if they ran). The final wraith was killed as well and the flanking squad caught the attention of the HQ of the guardsmen.

On the necron second turn the monolith arrives and lands behind the tank line (drifting forward more then I liked but not too close) and it began to blast away.

The demolisher was crippled by two hits to the rear and the leman Russ was stunned. However the transports were fine and the squad guarding the objective took only a single hit.

The guard transports shifted forward to unload their cargo. Five squads fired at the remaining necron warriors from the large squad. Amazingly they had one trooper survive and thus were able to make their 'we'll be back' rolls. The command squad starts to deal with the flanking squad by flaming them and then charging in to close combat.

The survivors of the large squad are now only three in number, but are then teleported through the monolith and have two more of their damaged soldiers return to fight The five of them are too close to the Demolisher when a lucky strike blows it up, knocking one down. The four remaining open up on the Leman Russ hoping to kill it where the monolith failed but they are only able to stun it as well.

Now the necrons find themselves in trouble, one group of warriors in close combat against troops with power weapons and another only four strong surrounded by the majority of the guard force.

The monolith was immoblized by a shot off the basilisk before and now the basilisk returns to dropping shells on the necron warriors directly. A blast flies wide of the warriors on the objective but the guard's goal is clear. Kill enough of the necrons and they just disappear.

The five squads of grunts and the two attached transports circle around the four warriors and eventually slay them all. The necron warriors in close combat with the HQ will eventually break and be chased by the guardsmen.

Necie, a necron hero, will survive three full rounds of combat against the guard command squad in close combat facing off two power weapons and three other grunts before eventually falling.

The storm troopers will gather themselves together and attempt to use krak grenades on the monolith to smash it. They even succeed in stunning it. The basilisk will have a shell land directly on the warriors at the rear, killing enough that the necrons have to phase out.

The battle goes to the guard who took only light losses anyway. The beetles failed to arrive having a deepstrike mishap on the way to ambush the basilisk at the rear.

Publix Film Envelope (Phasing out due to digital)

Publix Film Envelope (Phasing out due to digital)

Most places have phased out order film developing envelopes. Now they take your film roll and enter your personal information directly into the computer system. Publix market still has envelopes, drop in your rolls (limit 3 rolls) then mail it in yourself!

Soon to be phased out.

refrigerant phase out dates

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