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Flower containers : Wedding bouquets ideas

Flower Containers Wholesale

flower containers

  • An object that can be used to hold or transport something

  • A large metal box of a standard design and size used for the transportation of goods by road, rail, sea, or air

  • (Containership (computer science)) In OOP supported languages, containership means an object is created within another object.

  • (containership) container ship: a cargo ship designed to hold containerized cargoes; "the weight of the documentation of all the consignments on board a contemporary container ship can exceed 90 pounds"

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  • sweeping: ignoring distinctions; "sweeping generalizations"; " destruction"

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  • a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

  • reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

  • bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

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  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

flower containers - Poster of

Poster of historic Japanese Art: Wisteria in a boat-shaped flower container WHOLESALE package of 25 posters.

Poster of historic Japanese Art: Wisteria in a boat-shaped flower container WHOLESALE package of 25 posters.

WHOLESALE package of 25 museum quality reproductions of work of fine art from the Japanese Prints and Drawing Collection of the Library of Congress, 1688-1915. Emerald Honeybee offers only the BEST in quality. Our Posters are printed by a Professional Graphics Company using a MIMAKI Eco-Solvent Printer and archival inks. Which means your poster is UV protected and will not fade over time. Paper used is a heavy weight, satin finish photo paper. Description of this Poster is as follows: Poster of historic Japanese Art: Wisteria in a boat-shaped flower container Japanese woodblock prints and drawings, dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, by such artists as Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku. Subjects include actors, women, landscapes, scenes from Japanese literature and daily life, and Western foreigners. Many schools and traditions are represented, but primary strengths include the Japanese art forms known as Ukiyo-e, translated as ' pictures of the floating (or sorrowful) world' ; and Yokohama-e, literally ' pictures of Yokohama.'

84% (7)



• Rosa 'Radway Sunrise' • Shrub Rose • Zn6a • -10? -- 5?F •

The following description is ©Viva Plants Inc. 2006. Viva is a Portland, Oregon nursery that not only grows and propagates some of the coolest plants around but also crafts interesting plant description tags.

"Fantastic shrub rose that is worth seeking out. Single fragrant flowers (4" across) open light yellow with a hint of orange and change to deep carmine over several days. To 4' tall and as wide in full sun, with rich soil with regular summer water. Remove spent flowers to encourage more-fast rebloom. Prune in late February-remove old wood smaller than a pencil. Spectacular simple flowers. VERY good disease resistance. Good container rose."

May 7, 2006

Tiny Flowers Pack

Tiny Flowers Pack

Six pack with two each of same print in lime, blue and pink. Fabric Covered button securely attached to six ouchless goody ponytail holders featuring a tiny flower print in lime, blue and pink, Packaged on a hang card with a poly sealed bag. Can be hanging or placed in a container.

flower containers

flower containers

Lilliput Mix Zinnia 300 Seeds - PLUS PACK!

The "Lilliput" mix created another Zinnia sensation when it was introduced. The semi-dwarfed plants (only 18 to 24" tall) are famous for forming bushy 12" wide growth with lots of flowers, and the pom pom blooms are in clear solid colors. The sizzling, colorful effect in the garden is stunning, making these perfect for edging or colorful patches anywhere you want bright color. Just plant the seeds, and remember to cut off the fading flowers. Easy! Easy! Why everybody loves Zinnias: Probably no plant can give you more color for less work. It's because the zinnia is one of the easiest plants to grow from seed (any child can do it, and many do!), they'll give you every color but blue, and they bloom all season up until frost. Can you think of another flower that does all that? How to grow them: Good full sun is really all that's required, although some of the newer hybrids will even bloom in partial shade. As for water, they don't need much, since they're from hot desert-like habitats. Soil? Almost any soil will do, but they prefer fast-draining gritty soil, if you have that available. Zinnia seeds are perfect for starting indoors to have bloom early. But be sure you wait until every frost is gone, and the soil has warmed up a bit before setting them out. They're super-sensitive to frost--after all, these plants are from frost-free regions, and don't like cold soil. If you'd rather, you can just wait until spring arrives, and sow them outside. They're very undemanding.

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