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Flower garland for indian wedding : Dry pressed flowers.

Flower Garland For Indian Wedding

flower garland for indian wedding

    flower garland
  • Hwaeom is the name of the Korean transmission of the Huayan school of Chinese Buddhism.

    indian wedding
  • Indian weddings are very bright events, filled with ritual and celebration, that continue for several days. They are not small affairs,anywhere between 100-10000 people attending (many of whom are unknown to the bride and groom).

  • Hindu wedding is thought to be the bringing of two people who are said to be compatible. Hindu wedding ceremonies are traditionally conducted at least partially in Sanskrit, the language of most holy Hindu ceremonies.

Dupatta – part of Great Indian Culture !!

Dupatta – part of Great Indian Culture !!

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Dupatta, also known as `chunni’ (and various other local names in different areas of India) is basically a head-scarf for South Asian women. It’s longer in size than other head scarfs for women. It has many variations in terms of its size (personal choice), material used (cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon, and more), style of embroidery, colours etc. Quality for the material depends in the occasion (on marriage it’s expensive) and the money one may spend while buying. The colour also has quite a bit of significance sometimes; one may wear any colour in routine life, but on some occasions there are certain colours as per the regional culture e.g. to attend a funeral its white with most, red or saffron for marriage, yellow is worn by majority of Sikh women for religious occasions, etc.

In routine life, it directly depends on the type of the suit woman is wearing. But certainly worn with a suit. A suit (shirt and pyjamas for women) can be with `salwar’ or `chooreedaar’ (like a tight pyjama on the lower side and having multiple folds/ pleats), Its been a symbol of modesty for the South Asian women for long now. When not covering head in a casual manner for convenience, then its both sides are over the shoulders and middle part is hanging like a garland.

I remember, about 25 years ago, it was considered bad manners, rather almost like a taboo, if the head was not covered of a woman walking in the streets or when elder men folk are at home. It was sort of showing disrespect to elders and being arrogant. Over a period of time, `duppatta’ has also changed and the style of wearing has changed. Few years ago, dupatta lost its charm amongst the so called `modern women’ and move around without a `dupatta’. Nowadays, any woman wearing `duppatta’ in urban areas, is considered as being from medieval age, by majority. But trust me, heart in heart everyone knows that the beauty of an Asian woman emerges like a `fully bloomed flower’ and men go `fidda’ (head over heals) if they see a woman whose head is draped with `dupatta’. I believe, its part of evolution and fashion also has its own stages and variations while its cycle is moving. It has come back partly and gone. But the fact remains that all Indian women cover their head with embroidery on `sarree palloo’ (one end of the long saree) or well done embroidery on `dupatta of the specially designed wedding suit.

It is also used for making a veil by women, on the spur of the moment, even today in rural India. This came into practice, basically, for one purpose only – hide the beauty from other men folks around and from strangers. There were many instances where men created big time historical troubles, after they had seen the beauty of some women. So, the best way was to hide the beauty and avoid trouble !!!

Sultan of Delhi, Alau Din Khilji had heard about the beauty of Queen Padmini of Chittaur. He planned a special official visit for himself to the kingdom and he insisted to see Padmini himself, which was declined on pretext that it was grossly against the culture and traditions of Rajputs. He insisted and modified his request, asking to see her reflection in water. A big trouble ensued after this viewing of her beauty in water and he murmured to himself, if she is so beautiful in reflection, she must be greatly beautiful in real and he got passionate with his desire to get her. And then he attacked Chiatour, leading his huge army. He laid siege to the famous Chittour Fort.

Chittorgarh was captured in 1303 by Ala ud din Khilji. But Queen Padmini preferred death to dishonour, and committed Jauhar (act of self immolation by leaping into a fire) along with all the other ladies of the fort. And all the men folk left the fort in saffron dress to fight the enemy unto death.

I do not blame the modern women for leaving `dupatta’ behind in their wardrobes, with the passage of time. The modern life is of convenience and not like the past which was governed by strong traditions and rituals.

Ask those women who have the vision to look for charms of good life beyond the barriers of materialism, they all say only onething “old culture has the real essence of happy life”. We all yearn for the good old culture. The modern materialistic life has distanced us from ourselves.

MODEL: Sukhmani our daughter. 5 years old.


Flowers and Gold

Flowers and Gold

Making an Indian bride look beautiful. The intricate henna on the hands is done a day prior to the wedding, an event I could not photograph since my camera had gone kaput. Thankfully Canon repaired it and gave back in time for the wedding day.

This is from a recent wedding I attended in Delhi in December 2009.

flower garland for indian wedding

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