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Flowers gifts delivered. Flowers plants trees

Flowers Gifts Delivered

flowers gifts delivered

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flowers gifts delivered - Grehom Stick

Grehom Stick Candle Holder - Lotus Flower Meenakari; Beautiful Gift delivered with a taper candle; Handmade in Brass

Grehom Stick Candle Holder - Lotus Flower Meenakari; Beautiful Gift delivered with a taper candle; Handmade in Brass

Grehom candle holders are special since all our candle holders are made from recycled materials. Our range includes recycled brass - mainly sourced from old pipes and taps, wrought iron, aluminium - which comes mainly from old aeroplanes and recycled glass candle holders in various styles.

Types of candle holders sold by Grehom includes recycled brass and recycled glass candle holders in various styles. Our brass holders are coloured and finished to look black, silver, antique silver, brown and gold. For tea lights we have glass tea light holders, oil burners, metal tea light holders, glass tea light holders, porcelain tea light holders, wooden tea light holders and hurricane lamps. Our range of taper candle holders includes single candle holders, candelabras, and traditional candle sticks. We also have glass bowls for floating candles and metal floating candle holders. We also have a range of brass candle snuffers in silver finish.

Click here to see our range of Candle Holders

Grehom candle holders are made from brass since it is a recycleable material and can be reused many times. It is a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper but can be coloured and shined to look black, silver or gold.

Brass candle holders are easy to maintain, but do require regular cleaning with soft cloth and occasional use of brass polish (available in most supermarkets) to minimise the chance of tarnishing. All our brass candle holders come with a pair of soft cotton cleaning gloves and instructions on looking after your purchase.

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04/092010 - There are days like today where I strle a bit, I think we all have those days. I was having a happy day but the day was filled with happy tears over missing friends & family who are too far away for me to hug whenever I wanted. I'd received several lovely messages from friends that warmed my heart. The tears had stopped and my smile was there. Then I had a surprise dropped off at work. Flowers (the true picture of spring) delivered with a card that reads "Just because some days a little sun shine through the window just isn't enough". Here the flowers sit, through the very window that sun shines through (when it can) to brighten my day. The card is not signed and while I believe I know who these are from I do not know for sure. I am truly touched that someone took the time to deliver these flowers to me. To think of me when I was having a rough day. To take the time to try to brighten my day (and it worked and my office smells lovely). To this person, who hasn't had a very easy time herself over the last year, all I can say is: thank you for your kindness and for brightening my day. It is people like you who restore my faith that humanity is good by nature.



I just got a bouquet with my favorite flowers delivered! The card says 'For Samantha. I am sorry.'

I assume they're from a friend who stood me up last week. They make me happy! It's sweet!
Inviting her over soon for a talk =)

flowers gifts delivered

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