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Cd Dvd Repair

cd dvd repair

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  • videodisk: a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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  • DVD, also known as Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc, is an optical disc storage media format, and was invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Time Warner in 1995. Its main uses are video and data storage.

  • The DVD is a Napalm Death DVD released by Earache in 2001. The only material seeing release for the first time is the Nottingham show from 1989 and the Killburn National show from 1989. The version of Utopia Banished currently in print features The DVD as a bonus disc.

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After two and a half years of daily use my PowerBook 12" has encountered a problem. The DVD/CD Superdrive has morphed into a Combo Drive, it only burns CDs. When I put a DVD in an error message eventually appears : 'Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error code 0x8002006D)'. It seems the SuperDrive was 'Unable to burn - the device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media'. So, off to Apple Regent Street for repair. It might be fixed by the end of this week or sometime next week. I'll Flickr to a halt for a short period.

(9198) Powerbook, Genius Bar, Apple Regents Street, London

Hard Drive

Hard Drive

A picture of the hard drive. Notice it is Apple Branded and has the yellowish orange piece of tape on the left, and that the top bracket that should sit between the hard drive and the Suer Drive (CD/DVD burner) is missing.

cd dvd repair

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