Rvacki, Rvacki, Rvacki, bez H

Eo mene nazad na lepom našem rvackom.
Kako sam si uspjela prosetat van uobicajenog polozaja i moje, dosad, zdravo rame pred kojih 4tj. dugo nisam stijene vidla.
I sad sam bila malo skepticna prema funkcionalnosti tog zlog zgloba, al eto, ispalo sve ok. KUc, kuc po drvu:)
U petak smo se malo Jela, Darija i moja velikost uputile do tunela da razgibamo prstice.
Bilo je to jedno iskustvo u koje smo se uputile sa puno iscekivanja:) Ja zbog veselih zglobova, darija zbog ne penjanja od škole, a Jelena zbog malo penjanja uopce, i ne tuneliranja stoljecima:)
Stigle mi tako tamo, i vid vraga, sve islo ok, bravo mi!
Jela je pisala vec o tome pa mozete tamo vidit. Mozda i fotke stavi, ja sam lijena:)
U ned smo u istom sastavu krenule prema Kalniku. Ja sam kao prava žena, vrlo uspješno, u roku mjesec dana zaboravila di silazim sa autoputa, pa smo smsali hitno Jagora, a potom sam imala i poteskoca sa pronalaskom jednog zločestog raskrižja. Sigurna sam da je zadnji put bilo na drugom mjestu:/
Uglavnom, stigle smo na kraju na zeljeno odrediste.
popile sokiće. uživale u predivnom danu. Isčuđavale se količini ekipe koja je izgmizala van iz svojih skrovišta upijat sunce.
Naposlijetku smo i penjale.
Laganini guštale. fakat je super dan bio. I velika hvala neznanim penjačicama koje su mi udijelile malo kreme za sunčanje- moja bijela ramena nisu poljubičastila, zahvaljujuči njima samo su malo izmutirala u crveno!
Sad sam ja bila nabrijana stavit fotke koka kako penju i sl, a jela meni samo mene samu posalje.
Dakle gledajte mene, a valjda će Jela stavit i druge slike!
bravo ja:

uslijed osvajanja ovog straaašno iscrpljujućeg i zahtjevnog smjera, umalo sam i iskrvarila.. Gledala sam smrti u oči. Ipak mojoj hrabrosti i snazi nema kraja, pa sam nenako preživjela i tu ozljedu!!Bravo ja

i opet bravo ja ovaj put na toprope(eo zakaj sam htela fotke od drugih..neam kaj ni napisat iznad fotke)

Eo,Jela stavila druge slike sam sam ja tupava pa to nisam odma skuzila al sad namjerno necu brisat onu recenicu gore





Bulgaria inc. Part three

First, thanks to Ondra i got this pic that will probably help me start working as a model. Of course in the living dead world, that's me not being wasted, but just tired.. I looked like that most of the time, absolutelly adorable, but you all know that already..

Room 601:

So it's about time for me to finish this. Somehow I thought I'd have much more to say, but the words don't seem to be coming out of my head. It's maybe because of the cold the finally got me, yes, yes, I got sick, as i presumed it's happen as soon as i stop washing my throat with traditional medicines.
Anyway, so we came to Thursday i believe. Waking up was one hell of a nightmare. It's like having a huge hammer smashing your head every couple of seconds. Still, there were some lectures to attend, and it was soooo great when one ended up a bit earlier, so some of us took a opportunity to take a half an hour nap on the benches. In the afternoon we were supposed to go to some museum, but some of us (most of the 1st Pub Crawling/City Rally team+ some other enthusiasts) were just pleading to have a chance for a little nap.
It resulted with a few of us returning to a hotel, instead of museum, taking a nice nap, and I even had a chance to enjoy sauna and jacuzzi with Eva & Claudia.
Since there was no official Pub crawling (which some of us decided to organize themselves) when it was supposed to be, orgaNICErs decided that we should have one in the end.
So this was _the_ day. Or night.. most of us will just say: would love to comment it, but I don't really remember how it was.
For my part, I can say that we were a bit slow in the beginning, so we couldn't enter first couple of pub (which made me freeze completely), but once we finally got to the first one (vodka), and second one
(tequila), i started feeling warmer.
I have to admit, we were a bad team when it comes to rules. For that I have to thank my 2nd Pub Crawling (official) team: Snežana (Macedonia), Theresa (Portugal), Javi (Spain), Thijs (Belgium), and the last, but not least Ondra (Czech).
So basically we were drinking what we liked at the moment, usually ignoring the one idea of having just one drink per single bar:)
So in the end most of us (except the team that _had_ to finish all the tequila leftovers, poor them) ended up in a pub. What happened later, I'll leave for somebody else to say..
Another terrible morning, but still not so bad, cause we slept longer, and there were no lectures. Afternoon was the shopping time!! Wihiiii!
Just not enough time, at least for Claudia and me. We were the absolute winners when it comes to shopping I think:P With a satisfied, not completely, but still sufficient, smile we returned to the hotel.
It was last dinner, we got out little presents, t-shirts, diplomas, and after that- last party, last dance :(

Speaking of diplomas, I think Tamas was supposed to get Mister Sleeping beauty:)

Bye, bye, love...

our bed for the departure day.. was guite confortable when Tibor was not sticking his feet into my face, probably same vice versa:)

soo people. hope to see you all soon, until then, here's some of my knowledge (fonetical of course, i never learned to write it, hopefully all of you will recognize your teaching skills here):

Dutch: Ick bin en soto kip, sonder kop.
Portugeese: Filho da puta; Amu Te
French: Je sui en poule fou son tet
Bulgarian: Ti si krasiva:)
hungarian: Vaj kitchi fasu vaj, vaj naj fasu vaj?! Bazdmeg!! Sopyale! Egeshegede (this one i learned by mistake)
osmehow i didn't learn Czech?!?!

Plias, plias, pedalite, vodno kolelo!!!





Bulgaria inc. Part two

On the way-will we survive? Will the train explode? Check the smoke!!

In the mountains, foooood please!!
Daisy(canadian-chinese-from-UK),dearest Rosalie (France) & Pablo the punisher (Spain,Iberian mafia)

So I ended writing my last post somewhere around one of the crazy parties which I don’t actually recall when did they happen.
So now I’ll just start with Tuesday. Again waking up at around horrible 7am.
Forgot to mention that on Monday we had some nice taxi driver who decided that the closer we get to death, the more fun for us. This meant driving between two cars that already were in their lanes, why put only two cars in two lanes if you can fit three, right?!?
Who still cares about red traffic lights? If color blind people can manage it, why couldn’t he as well, right?!
So, Tuesday morning I don’t remember how were we driving, had a nice early morning nap:)
Will skip the lectures part, again..

Shame on you, lab experiment was not about sleeping!

After hard day at the university, we had our mission for this day-Photo rally. I won’t say much, just look at the photos that Tamas send me today.

Look, guys, what we can do, even on a tree!!

Absolutely enjoying it

Would like to put some more, showing all the crazy things we did, but unfortunately still don’t have them.
This evening we were supposed to have a nice Pub rally, but somehow that was deleted from the schedule, which had made a lot of us sad:( Still there was a party, and it was Sandra’s (Spain) birthday!! She helped us to prepare for the rest of the night by buying a bottle of tequila for all of us, thank you once more, and I really hope you enjoyed your party, even without the pub rally.
I know that the things that I’m writing are definitely not enough detailed, but as you all well know, there’ no way of writing all the interesting things that happened, so I’m just trying to stick to some basic facts.
Since there was no pub rally, the next day, on the City Rally, some of us decided to have our own Pub Crawling. Special thanks to my team, team that helped me stay warm for that cold, cold day, team that helped me stop mysef from getting sick and getting a sore throat. Team that cured my stomach ace, and of course team that made me have so much fun that day.
So here they are: Ola (Poland), Sandra (Spain), Tibor (Hungary) & Tiago the lover boy (Portugal)! Oh, of course- and our dear friends Turtle and the Happy Talking Fish (Bulgaria, I think).
For me this and the following day were the hardest ones. Since we started having our Pub Crawling early afternoon, the rest of the day/night were very pleasant. We went to very nice Bulgarian restaurant, where we had a chance to try traditional Bulgarian food, and of course drinks. We also learned how to dance (or at least we tried to), and after dinner, the bravest of us even went to another pub.. So as you can imagine, it was a long, log day, especially for our city rally/pub crawling team, that, also was among the bravest ones to go to extra pub later.
Waking up in the morning was one really, really painful experience..

601-no words needed:

Tiago, Ola, Claudia (Portugal) & Eva (Estonia)

Ok, enough for now, until the next episode: Heeeey, hey babe, uh, ah!





Bulgaria inc. Part one

Prvo objasnjenje: Pisat cu na englestini ovaj puta.. Ignorirajte moje nepoznavanje gramatike i pravopisa.

It's kind of hard now to write about what happened, and when did it happen, cause in some weird way I feel that I've spend much more that 8 days in Bulgaria.
It all started last Thursday on the train. First I met Peter (Slovenia), than Milan (Serbia) joined us, and in the end I got a sms that was already a first real sign about what was going to be happening in the next 8 days.

"Knock, knock.. The matrix has you! Follow my cousin with the orange hut!"

I had absolutely no clue who the hell was the cousin, or who wrote the sms. Of course, as you may have guessed this was Tibor's (Hungary) master work, and the mystery cousin was Tamas.

From that moment we really were in Sofia, and the party was about to start.
The five of us were the last ones to arrive, and it ended up to be one really long day. After 20hrs of traveling, we were kicked on the bus and driven to the mountain. Felling extremely exhausted, tired and partially dead, I was hopping just to jump into some nice warm bed and sleep for about 17hrs. I had no idea that this was just how I’ll be for the rest of my stay in Bulgaria, ok maybe later it was a bit more worse:)
Of course, no sleeping was planned, but instead of that there was a welcome party, which involved drinking, than drinking games, and than some more alcohol to wash out what was drank during the drinking games. The following day was quite relaxing, even thought at that time I thought that this was way to much for me already, and that I’ll never last for a day more, now when I come to think of it I realize that this was nothing, really nothing, just warming up. Engineering competition ended up with couple of broken eggs, and some that had survived. Now when I think about it there were only two ideas which were really “the ideas”.->

Helen’s: Making a giant string and lowering the egg down.
Tibor’s (I think it was): Dropping the egg just the way it is

That night we had and International party. For those that don’t know what it is in a few words: it is lots of alcohol, and food from I think 17 countries. My personal favorite was the Spanish table, and we all know why is that- SANGRIA OF COURSE!!
Still that night we actually got some nice sleep (comparing to the days after that), and the next day there was a trip to Rila monastery, some nice little hike, caving experience (even though I’m 164cm high, somehow I managed to kick my head twice- hey folks it’s not without a reason that on a caving classes they give you flash lights, special suits and helmets!!;) ).
Now I had to go and look at the printed timetable, cause I had no idea what was happening that evening, and even now I still don’t really know. It says “Party”, what? Where??
Will write about it later if I remember it.

Waking up at 7 am, is not part of my lifestyle. But somehow when you’re in the same shit with everybody else it’s easier. Don’t remember much of the courses (sorry), but the coffee breaks were nice and refreshing :) I tried my firs carting that day. And if “not gentleman Thijs (Belgium)” had not pushed me out, I’m sure I would have won:P

Somehow even though it was early afternoon everybody was soon holding some kind of alcohol in their hands. Btw it’s amazing that they serve about 1deciliter of gin when you order gin with tonic, and it costs 3 levas, about 1.5 eur!!
Again party, and I really feel stupid but I just can’t remember which day was which party. I know that we were in several different pubs those days, but what was when?!!
I wanted this blog post to be a nice reminder about the trip, but now I really have some huge problems with writing it. Maybe it’ll be easier when I get some photos.
Ooohh, yes, maybe this was the night with the drinking competition, when the Iberian mafia won?! The night when I played more of the “weird” drink-kiss games than in my whole life (actually I never played any of them before). The night of dancing, partying, singing.. Long nite. After getting back to the hotel couple of us ended up in (by then already to some people well known) room 601.
Now we come to Tuesday. Ok have to stop now, no inspiration, will continue.
Till than: Plas, plas, pedalite!!





Putem prema-kreni kreni u Bugarsku

Mislila sam sad napisat neki post, pa mi je bilo glupo, pa sam sve pobrisala, pa cu sad "pametno" napisat da eto umjesto da budem puna elana kaj konacno nekud icem, ja cmoljim onako kako ja to najbolje znam (svi vi koji previse vremena provodite u mojem drustvu znate dobro o cem pricam, cmolj cmolj, cendr cendr i te spike). I evo Jelenica je čak moje današnje mudrosti odlučila podijelit sa širom javnošću:)
Aj poz
Javim se sa izvještajima kako je bilo, valjda će me proć ova učmalost:)
Ma hoće hoće. nema toga šta malo sna i 2 buscola ne bi riješila:)






Odma da velim da je Jelena ozivila svoj blog, i nabacila hrpu slika sa koogle.
dakle,ko sto title kaze, bili na zlatnoj koogli. opcenito, ovaj tjedan mi je bio jedan od onih, kako bi ih znalci nazvali, produktivnih.
U bliskoj proslosti pao je i zadnji ispit (il je bolje rec prodjen je??), zavrsen je i strucni studij Energetske ucinkovitosti i zastite okolisa, i to fakat zanimljivo. Bili smo u Novom marofu u posjetu jednoj firmi koja se bavi proizvodnjom kamene vune, u kako bi se to strucno hrvatski reklo "walk through auditu", nakon tog ekipe su analizirale rezultate, napravljene su prezentacije, a sve je okrunjeno dodjelom diploma i finim ruckom.
Osim toga redovito sam bila na faxu vrijedna od 9 do kasnog popodneva, a u cetvrtak sam cak zavrsila sa Anuškom na jazzanova veceri u Purgeraju. Bio je neki latino jazz, i fakat su decki fenomenalno svirali. Načagale smo se ko velike, sve sam muskulfiber imala u petak. nakon tog sam konacno vidla i taj famozni Krivi put o kojem svi pricaju, i mjesto je fakat obecavajuce.
i sad nakon poduzeg uvoda konacno stigosmo do subote i koogle.
Stvarno mi je bilo super. I opet sam se načagala ko velika, i moje tenisice radosnice su mi napravile zuljeve.
Jedina zamjerka, i to velika, je nepostojanje vode u wcima, i to doslovno uopce, nisi mogo ni ruke oprat. FUJ!

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