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Casual Fashion Ideas For Women

casual fashion ideas for women

    for women
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casual fashion ideas for women - Printed Silk

Printed Silk Scarf Casual Fashion Accessory 22 X 72 Inches

Printed Silk Scarf Casual Fashion Accessory 22 X 72 Inches

Hand Painted Silk Head Scarves are extremely soft and flowing and can go well with western as well as oriental dresses. It remains a favorite with women of all ages.
Indian Painted Silk Scarves are often long and narrow, usually worn on or near the head, for warmth, fashion, cleanliness, or religious purposes. In dry, dusty climates, or in environments where there is a lot of airborne contaminants, a thin hand Painted Silk Scarf is often worn over the head to keep the hair clean. Over time, this custom has evolved into a fashionable item in many cultures, particularly among women. Scarves in India have a significant place and traditional value. They are significant because they are considered a protector of women's integrity. Women's outfit in India is considered incomplete without a long scarf. The fabric of a scarf can be cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, net or sometimes mixed too. These are integral parts of the salwar kurta, lehenga, and churidar. With cultural exposure from Europe, these scarves found their way to the western wardrobes too.

81% (13)

Fair Hill Races

Fair Hill Races

"And Their Off...."

Photos and story by Bill Hughes

With all the excitement over the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness last week and locally trained Animal Kingdom at Fair Hill Training Center, the crowd swelled like it always does at the Fair Hill Races, although some thought it was a bit smaller.
There were things to do for kids, some dog racing, plenty of food to eat, a Barbaro book signing, people tanning, socializing and well, there were horses running around a track to.
The hot, but tolerable weather, brought some gentle breezes, light rain in the eighth and final race and a full, brilliant rainbow that sent photographers scrambling as traffic left the grounds.
A couple things about the atmosphere at Fair Hill are seeing people dressed to the nines and women wearing those wide brimmed hats. "Just seeing people you haven't conversed with in a long time," said Patricia Crouch (in photo with her hat) from North East about old friends. "This is something the whole county can enjoy while bringing culture and history."
One of the county's many seafood restaurants, Buck's from Rising Sun, brought their signature crab cakes which are very tasty and Kilby Cream also from Rising Sun, brought lots of delicious flavors of ice cream which created long lines of people. "The crab cakes are a big winner today," said Tracy Tomzcyk of Buck's. "A lot of people like the pork also. It was a very big turnout and it's a beautiful day. The only thing anyone complained about is that we didn't have any crab bisque." Note: Buck's is very well known for having one of the best crab bisque's in this county.
Union Hospital ran a 50/50 raffle that landed a $450.00 prize to the winner and the other half to the Union Hospital Auxilians.
Lots of people came out winners and knew when to stop while they were ahead. "You win a few bucks," said Dave Winters from Zion area, "It was good to get out and enjoy the weather. Not as many people this year though."
"I won the first race, lost the second, put the winnings in my pocket and called it a day," said Nick Cocco from Elk Neck as he relaxed with family and friends for the rest of the event.
In the sixth race, the $40,000 purse got a lot of people excited for the two and a quarter mile turf contest. Green Velvet (front of the field in photo) won a close one with jockey Ross Geraghty from Monkton, Maryland (Baltimore County) and owner Jennifer Pitts made a short and right to the point statement to the crowd about her horse. "That's the way she likes to run," Jennifer said proudly.
One of the biggest upcoming events in Cecil County is the eight day Cecil County Fair and Al Miller from Calvert, who was set up at the races with plenty of help, is getting ready for another big year. "We're changing some things around for the kids in the 4-H barns," said Al who is President of the Board of Directors for the Cecil County Fair. "We're going to do away with the reserved blankets this year. We'll have up to 500 reserved seats. You can buy a reserved seat by buying a ticket. We're going to make it more user friendly this year. The idea is to stop people from putting down big tarps. It will only be for the first two nights of the rodeo and the last three nights of the Demolition Derby." The fair runs from July 22nd-30th and parking is free.
The Elkton Lions Club was giving out information about their organization and trying to encourage membership with the club and collected donations for the Wilmer Eye Institute.
The new Barbaro And His Legacy books were on sale as author Alex Brown from nearby Lewisville, Pennsylvania, signed books and talked about the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner. "Obviously Barbaro was trained in Cecil County," said Alex. "He was trained at the center across the street (Route 273). Barbaro put Fair Hill Training Center on the national stage and this book is a tribute to that great horse. Now five years later, we have (Kentucky) derby winner Animal Kingdom whose allowing us to perhaps finish up some unfinished business around here. They both trained at Fair Hill. (Different trainers) Now the whole of Cecil County will be rooting for him to win Belmont," (June 11 in Elmont, New York). If your looking to buy this book, it can be found at the Fair Hill Country Maid Deli near the corner of Route 213 and Fair Hill Drive or go to Here is a short excerpt from page 28 on the Kentucky Derby Party at Fair Hill. "A Fair Hill horse was going to win the derby in dominating fashion. As Barbaro drew clear down the lane, we were shouting and screaming. It was an amazing feeling. The horse had done things in the derby that had not been done in many years."
Less than a mile away, Fair Hill Market on Route 213, has been selling ice cream to little kids, making br

Caption Cap'n - Week 2

Caption Cap'n - Week 2

Every week here at CBS we engage in a friendly office competition: Giving inane, non-sequiturial, or just plain witty captions to old snapshots. Feel free to offer yours.

This week's captions in no particular order:

Inventor of clip-on tie upset after being told his idea will go nowhere.

Pie Lands On Man’s Head

Honus Jones: Winner of this year’s hands-on-a-drill-bit competition.

Lithuanian Bocce Ball Tournament Tonight! 7:00 PM.

Chris Ng Cashin getting ready to throw a hand grenade.

2nd place in the World’s Shortest Tie contest.

Attempts To Conceal “Bird” Unsuccessful.

Ladies! Buy two, get one FREE!

Interview Goes Horribly Wrong, Sources Say

Oldest News Boy Ever, Found

Picture At Factory Turns Out Great!

Gears Stacked Nicely

Just another day at the cat mines of Oklahoma.

Local Idiot Upset That Gear Day Isn’t National Holiday.

Pants Won’t Go Any Higher

Dickies Makes Entire Suit

Area Woman Seeks Transfusion, Pepsi

Belt Model Dies In Oil Well Collapse

For an albino, Jimmy had pretty good fashion sense.
They said Larry was too old to play with tops, but he showed them. Oh yes, he showed them.

Ross Perot Mistakes Novelty Tie For Real

Local Man Fine With How Things Are Going

Alien Poses As Man

Attempts To Shoot Boss “The Bird” Failed

Catalog shoot for Old Dirty Men’s Suits & Casual.

The difference between me and you: I make this look good.

Indiana Jones’ less remarkable step-brother, Ohio Smith.

It was at that moment that Timothy remembered that he’d left his wallet in his other pants. No lunch today, Tim.

Chester Widsor; Inventor, ironically, of the four-in-hand knot.

Man Keeps Can In Pocket

casual fashion ideas for women

casual fashion ideas for women

Pink Patterned Woven Poly Neckie Hanky Cufflinks Gift Box Set father s day gift ideas WISE Necktie set WH1036

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, FashionOn is a multichannel online retailer and r with huge range that has a strong focus on fashionable men??s and women??s accessories, including ties, bow ties, cufflinks, vest sets, hankies, suspenders, cummerbunds, money clips, necklaces and bracelets.

FashionOn has a philosophy of continuous service improvement, which is supported by a consistent program of seeking new designs to be grouped into our brand group, which includes FashionOn, Y&G, Brian Boss, Pointe, Wise, Dan Smith. This is designed to lay a platform for future growth.

We work closely with manufacturers to bring you a variety of unique choices, at prices that fit every budget. New accessories are added monthly and the designs available are constantly updated. With around 15000 designs in stock, our products have adorned thousands of grooms at wedding, and are best gift for birthday, Christmas and all events.

Bring in a smart and successful new look for the season with this excellent men's necktie. This remarkable necktie simply pops with both confidence and style. Perfect for interviews, executive meetings, formal affairs, and any other occassion in which you need to look your absolute best.

With exactly the same color and pattern cufflinks and hankchief, this Tie set makes the perfect gift, and would certainly look stunning on any wedding day groom.

Overall: **** (4.0)

Please check all items from Men's Fashion. If you would like to purchase certain quantity of this item without enough stock showing, please contact us.

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