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Citizen Watches Elegance

citizen watches elegance

    citizen watches
  • is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 and is currently known as the manufacturer of CINCOM precision lathe machine tools as well as CITIZEN watches.

  • The quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness

  • a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"

  • (elegant) refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style; "elegant handwriting"; "an elegant dark suit"; "she was elegant to her fingertips"; "small churches with elegant white spires"; "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"

  • The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style

  • a quality of neatness and ingenious simplicity in the solution of a problem (especially in science or mathematics); "the simplicity and elegance of his invention"



The ancient Greeks were naked or rode on horseback, nor, even approximately, looked like an idealized images. Judging by the average Greek osteoarheoloskom material was a stocky, robust, relatively short legs.
How, then, the Greek art defines a man? Aristophanes legendary winners of the marathon describes: smooth chest, bright skin, big shoulders, a short tongue, a big butt and a small penis (Clouds, 1011-13). The man was naked, a woman, until the beginning of Hellenism Praksitela and mostly dressed. Only with a few exceptions, all the Greek artists, and all the ancient authors who wrote about nijma men. Greek world, as we know it today, is a male world, and the state, the polis, the patriarchal concept of involving only adult congenital men. Publicly displayed works of art, especially sculpture and architecture are much more addressing the man, but a woman. All of this points to one, relationship between the audience and watched in Greek art becomes the relationship between Erastus and eromena, beloved and lover, in which the sculpture (or pictures) eromen, junior partner in a homosexual relationship, which is passive, perhaps, accentuated reduced penis . Does this mean that Partenonski frieze procession desirable homosexual partners? Worth it just for the tens of thousands of kouros, a sculpture of naked boys who are like tombstones stood all over the Greek world? It is obvious that we can not Greek construction of corporeality and sexuality measure today's standards, but the affinity that our culture is shown to the classics (Twentieth Century, however, follows the trend of abandonment of traditional forms) are not missed. Later, we see that there, although there is a huge gap of misunderstanding, many points of contact between modern and Greek civil taste.
When we talk about the relationship of the human body, with all their needs, and cultural norms, are talking also about how integration in society. The basic form of the Greek society is distinct homosocijalnost, and for the Greek polis, we can rightly say that the men's club, while all other social groups condemned the segregation (women, foreigners), or completely off (the slaves). Unlike the Eastern civilizations, where distant and invisible to authorities govern the lives of its subjects, the polis, which is completely independent and self-sufficient entity, a man (man) becomes visible, palpable agent in the creation of the state. However, this task is not easy. Greek soldier, farmer or tradesman, a voter, a full-fledged citizen, all in one. Tensions emerged that many contradictory roles that the Greeks had to exercise can be felt in the description of the Athenian demos from around 400 BC AD: capricious, choleric, unjust, inconstant, but also accommodating, compassionate, sympathetic, boastful, conceited, humble, gentle and wild, all in one. (Gas NH 35th 69) Not surprisingly, therefore, that neither Plato nor Aristotle placed him in a democracy are not desirable and equitable social order.
The woman was in the polis became the antithesis of a positive, active, male principle. At the Parthenon on the two places could see the strle of the Greeks against the dangerous female troupe, the Amazons (the metopes and the Athena's shield), while in the temple, on the podium Athens Partenos there view of creating the first woman, Pandora, which, as we have learned from Hesiod, gods created as an evil for men. The final showdown with the role and position of women in Athenian society has been registered on the mythological level, the story about the trial of Orestes, murderer of the mother. The lawsuit was Apollos' argument prevailed, thanks to Athena's casting vote, that the woman just groove in which a man throws seed, and that she does not play a role in inheritance and does not determine the future no man. Orestes is, therefore, solely responsible father as a single parent. However, when you mention all the art and mythology of all, we know that these are fields in which most reflects the state ideology. The role of women in Greek society was hidden, but very important, as today in some areas of the Mediterranean. But what we are currently most interested in is to be very long portrayed women as revised (incomplete) man, and that odjevenost its natural state. It seems that the show (and show), femininity was particularly limited, and that is seen as subversive in a strictly male polis.
The fundamental tension that permeates the polis and who is much involved in the construction of Greek mythology, literature and culture in general, the conflict of the individual and authority, and desire and the law. Characteristically, the civil society of equal to the materialism and competitiveness rises ambitious and egotistical individual who lust for the material is transformed into the desire for all the pleasures available to him. Greeks see such a symposium, spree that has become a central ritual of civic life, where the drinking and the competition in elegan



It is generally assumed that the people who attend classical music concerts at Carnegie Hall are all highbrow gray-haireds who are all refinement. If you happen to be one who holds such an opinion, let me share with you this tidbit wherein an ugly brawl erupted two rows back in Section P:
-"Hey--hey, hey. Who told you to throw my bag you fucking asshoooole!"
-"Don't touch my shit. I'll kill you. Why'd you throw my bag?"
-"It was in my way; I was just getting by..."
-"So you just throw it? I hope you fucking... leave... you fucking asshoooole!"
-"No, YOU! I hope YOU leave!"
-"Asshoooole. What?"
It's embarrassing to watch people use expletives clumsily. Also, have you noticed how people just cling onto the same phrases, repeating them over and over, during these kind of mundane public conflcts? It's as if the rational mind shuts off entirely.

Now, this was not nearly as rowdy as the altercation I witnessed after an unsatisfying performance of Tosca at City Opera in which one patron shoved a senior citizen, who ended up tumbling several rows down the balcony. The two had been engaged in a shouting match because the senior citizen though it was rude to leave before curtain call and blocked the patron and his wife from making an exit. Yeah, those guys at City Opera are a bunch of riffraff.

citizen watches elegance

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