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Duraflame infrared heater : Solar water heaters chennai.

Duraflame Infrared Heater

duraflame infrared heater

    infrared heater
  • An infrared or radiant furnace is one that uses infrared lamps, electric heating elements, flames, or radiant tubes to heat the product.  Although the heaters may also heat the furnace gasses, the primary heat source is radiant heating.  See Infrared Heaters below.

  • An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emitting body, the wavelength of the infrared radiation ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm.

  • A source of heat-producing wavelengths, longer than visible light, which do not heat the air through which they pass, but only those objects in the line of sight.

  • A Firelog is a manufactured log constructed to be used as wood fuel. Firelogs are designed to be inexpensive, while being easier to ignite, and burn longer, and more efficiently than firewood. Firelogs are traditionally manufactured using two methods.

Duraflame Corporation Cessna 650 Citation III (N907DF)

Duraflame Corporation Cessna 650 Citation III (N907DF)

A firey looking biz-jet parked on the ramp at Shelbyville's Bowmar Field. This is one of the corporate jets for Duraflame. Durflame specializes in making starter logs for home fireplaces.

Duraflame 20" Log insert

Duraflame 20

Another wood fireplace makeover with an electric log set. Even the family dog enjoys the warmth and ambiance that only a fireplace can provide.

duraflame infrared heater

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