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Film Audio Recording Equipment : Marketing Mining Equipment

Film Audio Recording Equipment

film audio recording equipment

    recording equipment
  • The equipment used to record an interview. It may be in analog or digital format and is either audio or video. The use of broadcast-quality equipment and an external microphone are highly recommended. For a more detailed discussion, see Section 5.

  • recorder: equipment for making records

  • an audible acoustic wave frequency

  • the audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials"

  • sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals

  • Sound, esp. when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced

  • movie: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"

  • make a film or photograph of something; "take a scene"; "shoot a movie"

  • Be well or badly suited to portrayal in a film

  • a medium that disseminates moving pictures; "theater pieces transferred to celluloid"; "this story would be good cinema"; "film coverage of sporting events"

  • Capture on film as part of a series of moving images; make a movie of (a story or event)

  • Make a movie of (a book)

film audio recording equipment - Audio Post-production

Audio Post-production in Video and Film, Second Edition

Audio Post-production in Video and Film, Second Edition

Provides a thorough overview of audio post-production theory and technique. It is a good introduction for beginners and has enough technical depth to suit practicing professionals, whether in small production houses or larger facilities. Equipment and processes are illustrated with explanatory diagrams throughout, and supported by a straightforward narrative divided into manageable and logical sections.

Computer and digital audio recording have radically changed the audio post-production industry over the past few years. This new and moderately priced technology has increased opportunities for those with even just a basic knowledge of sound and limited equipment to produce high quality results.

This second edition has been completely rewritten to include the very latest techniques in:
· digital audio
· new computer equipment and workstations
· recording and sound editing
· new transmission methods and standards and formats such as DVD.

A technically detailed introduction to the subject suitable for beginners.
Update your knowledge of the latest standards and formats.

88% (5)

London Phase 4 Stereo LP Records 1971

London Phase 4 Stereo LP Records 1971

The kids' music getting on your nerves? Then put a London Phase 4 stereo LP on that stereo equipment of yours, uncover your ears.... all the music you haven't been hearing for a long time: Latin, show tunes, film themes, standards, mood music (MY GOD! MOOD MUSIC!)... So when you want to relax and listen to some great sounds, put on a London Phase 4 stereo LP. And if you want to do some slow, quiet dancing - the kind of dancing where you hold your partner...

Featured LPs on the ad:
Here Come the Hits - Ronnie Aldrich and his two pianos - Bridge Over Troubled Water, Let it Be...
Gems for Orchestra - Stanley Black
Chacksfield plays the Beatles' Song Book - Hey Jude, Michelle, A Hard Days Night, Ticket to Ride...

CDs DVDs on White Background

CDs DVDs on White Background

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film audio recording equipment

film audio recording equipment

Audio for Single Camera Operation (Media Manuals)

In the last decade a greater demand has been placed on cameramen to record sound as well as pictures on location. For anyone wanting to learn about the basics of recording sound, specific to single camera location work this book provides an ideal grounding. It covers the equipment a single operator would use, methods and examples of how to learn sound techniques and ways of successfully working alone. While it offers an account of audio theory, including post-production it also explains the essential audio technology basics. Covering typical techniques including live broadcasting, it teaches practical everyday instruction on what microphones to rig, how to sound balance everyday news, magazine and current affairs etc.

Techniques are explained and laid out in an accessible format supported by diagrams and are organised in easy to browse topics for quick reference. The author's approach is clear yet comprehensive, offering real hands-on experience of the skills involved in broadcast audio. This manual is seen as a basic, practical introduction to tackling the problems of recording sound on location as a cameraman, thus providing the necessary experience and knowledge required of everyday operation.

*Practical advice allows you to apply techniques to the real world
*Contains essential audio technology theory for a thorough grounding in the principles
*An accessible guide for everyday use

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