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Small Engine Repair Classes - Water Heater Element Repair - Harley Repair Manuals

Small Engine Repair Classes

small engine repair classes

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D5185 "Castell Dinas Bran"


D5185 "Castell Dinas Bran"
Owners or Custodians: Privately Owned
Class 25's are fondly regarded by many enthusiasts having earned themselves the nickname "rats" - quite simply because they got everywhere. From Scotland to the Welsh branches and right across England the distinctive design could be found on passenger and freight work.

The class first appeared in 1961, most being constructed in British Rail's Derby or Darlington works. A handful were constructed under a subcontract by Beyer - Peacock in Gorton (Manchester).

D5185 itself appeared in May 1963 from Darlington earning the distinction of being the last main line locomotive to be constructed in the works.

Coming in at around 70 tons, being 50ft long, with a maximum tractive effort of 46,500lbs and a top speed of 90mph the class was put to work on smaller passenger trains and trip freights. They were also seen regularly operating in multiple on heavier trains.

Some were fitted with steam heat boilers to cover winter passenger work.

D5185 stayed true to the "getting everywhere" reputation. She was initially shedded at Toton (not too far from Loughborough) then Holbeck and Tinsley in the 70s. Spells at Edinburgh and Crewe followed.

Along the way she was given the number 25 035 as part of the BR T.O.P.S. classification system and was named "Castell Dinas Bran" (the ruined castle in Wales which overlooks Llangollen). The name was painted on rather than the more conventional plates leading to speculation it was an unofficial title, perhaps granted at Crewe.

She was eventually withdrawn from service during her time at Crewe but not before notching up another milepost. In March 1987 she was the last member of the class to haul a BR passenger train - covering for a failed locomotive.

Now the oldest surviving member of the class (though plenty of others have reached the relative safety of preservation) she spent a good deal of time at the Northampton and Lamport railway.

She has carried “Rail Blue” livery, “Dutch Grey” and a distinctive maroon colour scheme. Arriving at the Great Central Railway a couple of years ago, the return to passenger carrying service marks the end of an extensive overhaul including body work repairs, a repaint and work on the electrical and traction systems.

Bad Week [Jan14/365]

Bad Week [Jan14/365]

Been a rough week.

The Canucks lost due to a referree. Haiti hit the headlines, hit our hearts. Some things were bigger than us. Some were much smaller, yet felt far more important than the lives and deaths of others. Some things hurt more than others.

Call it a contemplative heart, call it overthinking. I drove to the other side of Park Royal to get some good espresso today at lunch.

Got it just right.

Came back out, hopped into the car and turned the key. Engine cranked...and cranked and cranked again. Nothing. Mocking. The BCAA was called, a guy sent out. Wait 45 minutes in the car, annoyed that I had lots of work in the office that I wouldn't be able to finish. So much for going to UBC for class at night.

The rain is angry now, pouring down with passionate cruelty.

Guy comes in the tow truck. Friendly fellow, Scottish accent. We try to get the car started. Nothing. "No spark," he drawls. Car gets towed. Strangely sad to watch. Dropped it off at the (thankfully close) Volvo dealership, they process me in. Get a ride back to the office from one of their drivers. Nice. I'm drenched though, and there's even mud on my clothes by now. Great.

An hour later into my pile of work, I get a call. They've checked it out, but the parts weren't available. Would have to wait at least a day. Great that is wouldn't be a big repair. Wait another hour, surprise.

Parts were found.

Car would be ready by the end of the day, and at the end of the day the same friendly driver picked me up and we picked up from where our first chat left off. Went in, was processed out. Chatted the fellow up, we talk about Volvo tuning and laugh together over the Volvo vids we've seen on YouTube.

Smile on the face.

Dropped off my many bags in the trunk and shuffled back out to take these shots. Not very good as I felt a little embarrassed at the time. Snap. Back to the trunk to stash my camera. Then, smooth as I am, I somehow slip and fall into my trunk. It's a big trunk. It wasn't pretty.

Now my back is messed, but at least my car starts.

Rough week, but much more for some than others.

Remember the big picture.

small engine repair classes

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