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How to cook stuffed salmon : Samsung cooktop

How To Cook Stuffed Salmon

how to cook stuffed salmon

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Stuffed Salmon

Stuffed Salmon

Jake's Famous Crawfish
Stuffed Salmon (with crawfish and bay shrimp) $28

Ah, the #2 stop of the "over-hyped, over-price, yet incredibly mediocre" restaurant of the trip. I must admit, the meal started great. The sourdough bread was good, the steamed mussels in white wine garlic sauce was excellent. Then came the clam chowder, which was just another cup of clam chowder, completely boring. When I was choosing the entree I really couldn't decide, I normally don't get fish in a western restaurant since I think asians know how to cook fish better, but I was in the pacific northwest, salmon seemed a must. The waitress recommended the stuffed salmon, said that it was the most popular dish, so I said ok (not realizing that this dish was $28, or I would've never ordered this). Well, this was pretty foul. The salmon was incredibly fishy, the stuffing was entirely too heavy on an already heavy fish. Ugh, the more I think about how much I paid for it the more angry I get. And look at the plate, how ugly is this thing for $28?

BTW, I don't have any photos from the #3 of the "over-hyped, over-price, yet incredibly mediocre" restaurant , but it was Typhoon in portland, a Thai restaurant. We went there mainly because it was 2 blocks from the hotel, and I had difficulty walking as I had severe back pain. Let's just say that I have had better thai food from a dirty take out place in LA with 1/2 of the price tag.

Stuffed salmon

Stuffed salmon

Salmon fillet stuffed with steamed asparagus rolled in tarragon and salt.

Lighting: SB-800 through an umbrella from high back and slightly to camera right. SB-28 aimed at the white wall in the background. I held a piece of white paper up just camera left to fill the front shadows.

I was cooking a whole meal for a dinner party that night, so it was a little frantic. I had my "studio" setup on the kitchen table, and as things got to interesting points I set them up and took a few shots. I couldn't take too long with any one thing, or I wouldn't have things ready in time! Luckily, one of my guests is also a photographer, so there wasn't too much complaining when I wanted to get a shot of the plated meal before we sat down.

In the end this shot seemed to me to be the most suited for "the cover of a high-end food magazine". The near translucence of the back-lit fish is very appealing to me, and I like how the green and white set off the salmon and make it look extra fresh and healthy. I was happy with several other results, though, and I learned a lot by trying to find the right look for all the different kinds of food I tried out.

how to cook stuffed salmon

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