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Hockey television schedule. Hockey games videos.

Hockey Television Schedule

hockey television schedule

Television antenna

Television antenna

Since childhood, I've been fascinated with pulling in television signals from far away. During the summers, I'd wrap aluminum foil around rabbit ears antenna and get stations in from DC, Baltimore, Norfolk, Raleigh, etc.

One morning, after the digital transition, I heard on my police scanner the audio transmission from WAVY-10 out of Norfolk. It sparked a re-interest in the hobby and by the first of July, I had this up in the back yard.

It's a UHF antenna 20 feet above the ground (you can't see it from the street...well, my street anyway). It's pointed to the antenna farm in Suffolk, VA....about 72 miles away.

In the six weeks I've been using it, my channel line up consists of:

Ch. 3 WTKR - Norfolk
Ch. 6-1 WTVR - Richmond
Ch. 6-2 WTVR Weather - Richmond
Ch. 8 WRIC - Richmond (I can only get this occasionally...probably due to how the antenna's aimed).
Ch. 10 WAVY - Norfolk
Ch. 12-1 WWBT - Richmond
Ch. 12-2 WWBT Weather - Richmond
Ch. 13 WVEC - Norfolk
Ch. 15-1 WHRO - Norfolk
Ch. 15-2 WHRO 2 - Norfolk
Ch. 15-3 WHRO Kids - Norfolk
Ch. 23-1 WCVE - Richmond
Ch. 23-2 WCVE - Richmond
Ch. 23-3 WCVE - Richmond
Ch. 27 WGNT - Norfolk
Ch. 33-1 WTVZ - Norfolk
Ch. 33-2 WTVZ - Norfolk
Ch. 35-1 WRLH - Richmond
Ch. 35-2 WRLH 2 - Richmond
Ch. 43 WVBT - Virginia Beach
Ch. 57 - WCVW - Richmond
Ch. 65 - WUPV - Richmond

Plus random channels will show up from Charlottesville and Washington every now and then.

Television tickets

Television tickets

Konserthallen Liseberg. Ingang fran Spegeldammen. Visning av TELEVISION tisdagen den 9 maj 1950 kl. 8:30 Obs dag och tid. Entre kr 1:- N:o 49. Obs. Barnforbjudet! Vid "tagning" maste absolut tystnad iakttagas! Till parken erlagges gallande entre.

Google translation: "Concert Hall Liseberg. Input from the Mirror pond. Viewing TELEVISION Tuesday May 9, 1950 kl. 8:30 Note the date and time. Admission kr 1: - N:o 49. Note. Addy! The "shot" must be strictly observed silence! Made applicable to the park entrance."

Wonder where "addy" came from. Barnforbjudet = M rated (or something like that).

Going through stuff, moving to a nicer apartment one block away.

hockey television schedule

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