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Good times hockey league of the arts : Swiss a hockey league.

Good Times Hockey League Of The Arts

good times hockey league of the arts

Geo Georgie

Geo Georgie

My niece sent me this cut-out of a turtle a while back, and it’s this project her kindergarten class is doing. I take a couple pictures of it where I live, and then send it back to her. I’ve procrastinated long enough, but I think I have some good stuff.

I even wrote a letter from Geo Georgie:

Dear Maddie (and classmates),

It’s been almost four months since I last saw you. I still remember the day when you colored me, I couldn’t stop laughing it tickled so much. That was kind of fun, but when you put that plastic stuff on me, I thought I was going to suffocate! But apparently I don’t need to breathe. Or eat. But I can write letters. Go figure.

It’s a good thing I don’t need to breathe, because after you mailed me away, I kind of got lost at the Post Office. Or rather, they misplaced me. I kept hearing people saying things like “I don’t know” or “this doesn’t go here” or “this is supposed to go to Pittsburgh!”.

I eventually ended up at your Aunt & Uncle’s house. Your Uncle brought me in when he came home from work, and when he opened up the envelope, he was very excited to see me! He called your Aunt on the phone, and said something about taking me to a party, and I also got excited! A party!

But they didn’t take me to the party. I think your Aunt Julie talked your Uncle out of it; she thought it would be more appropriate to show me around the city. So I sat on their buffet for a while, and occasionally some of their friends would come over, and I would always get shown to them. But I wanted to go out!

Eventually, your Uncle Chuck said that he had a day off, and he put me in his camera bag, and off we went! You’ll never guess where we went! It’s a huge building, and they have artwork, sculptures, gemstones, stuffed animals, and DINOSAURS! It’s called a museum!

Oh, you’ve heard of that?

Anyhow, this place was called the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This man called Carnegie was as interested in dinosaurs as you and I, and he spent a lot of money, for his time, in bringing a world class collection to Pittsburgh. And just recently, they started to build a brand new area to display the dinosaurs! It’s going to be THREE times the size of the old place, and it’s going to feature TWO Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs fighting! Unfortunately, it won’t be finished until this fall, so you have to promise to take me back! The first picture you have is of me riding a painting of a T-Rex! The T-Rex is wearing a hard hat, because that’s what all the workers are wearing.

After that trip, I went back to sitting in your Aunt & Uncle’s dining room. They have three cats, and occasionally one would jump up and check me out. I was a little nervous at first, but they were just curious.

The second time I went out, your Uncle stuffed me in his camera bag again, and off we went. We saw the North Side of Pittsburgh, where the National Aviary is located. They have hundreds of fascinating birds! There’s even two big rooms, where they all fly around you! You have to be careful, because if you’re standing underneath one, they might drop something on you, and it won’t be pleasant. But if you do get “dropped” on, they give you a button, that says “I got pooped on at the National Aviary!” Ha ha! We also got to see another art museum, called The Mattress Factory, which was strange, because they don’t make mattresses. Nearby was a really cool house where a poet from China wrote poetry ALL OVER THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE! I know you want to see that, so there’s a picture included.

Later, they took a picture of me in front of the Allegheny river, across from downtown Pittsburgh. It’s a beautiful city, isn’t it? They not only have one river, they have three! It’s actually two rivers, the Allegheny & the Monongahela, that join and form a third, called the Ohio river. Guess where that one goes? OHIO! Pittsburgh is often referred to as to as the Three Rivers City. Anyhow, check me out! That’s a Gateway Clipper ship right behind me, which you can take river tours on.

The last picture they’ve included is me in front of the Mellon Arena. It looks kind of like me, doesn’t it? Some people call this building the Igloo. This is the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Hockey team. Your Uncle Chuck is a BIG fan, and he tells me that some of the best players in the WORLD have played for the Penguins. He says there’s a player there now who might be the best ever, and he’s only 19 years old! He scored more points this past season than any other player in the league, including men twice his age! His name is Sidney Crosby, and your Uncle Chuck says that while he’s very talented, the reason he is GREAT is because he works so hard.

If you’re wondering why there’s all that rubble in the picture, it’s because they’re building a brand new arena there soon! It’s all very exciting.

So, while I’m thrilled to be back and see you again, Maddie, I can’t wai

We're here for a good time!

We're here for a good time!

A very good friend of mine
Told me something the other day
I'd like to pass it on to you,
Cause I believe what he said to be true

He said:
We're here for a good time
Not a long time (not a long time)
So have a good time
The sun can't shine everyday

And the sun is shinin,
In this rainy city,
And the sun is shinin,
Ooh isn't a pity?
That every year has it's share of tears,
Every now and then it's gotta rain

And the sun is shinin,
In this rainy city,
And the sun is shinin,
Ooh isn't a pity?
That every year has it's share of tears,
Every now and then it's gotta rain


good times hockey league of the arts

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