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Male Model Fashion Photography Pose

male model fashion photography pose

    fashion photography
  • Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Allure.

    male model
  • A model (from Middle French modele), sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotionall purposes or who poses for works of art.

  • present: introduce; "This poses an interesting question"

  • model: assume a posture as for artistic purposes; "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"

  • Puzzle or perplex (someone) with a question or problem

  • airs: affected manners intended to impress others; "don't put on airs with me"

male model fashion photography pose - Male Model

Male Model

Male Model

In his sizzling debut novel, Daytime Drama, Dave Benbow took readers inside the sexy, catty world of soaps. Now he goes behind the seams—and under the covers—of LA's fashion district, where a man's body is his business, and one man’s exquisite face and form are about to take him straight to the top, into the arms of an unlikely lover...and into the crosshairs of a deranged killer...
Male Model Designing window displays for the glamorous Cameron Fuller USA store on Rodeo Drive is Blake Jackson's passion. After all, handsome, elegant designer Cameron Fuller is an icon of chic style. With his Vogue-thin wife, Suzette, he's one-half of "America's Couple." But rumors have swirled around him for years—whispers that his wife is a vicious, drunken shrew who holds Cameron's assets in her tight fist...that their relationship is like one of the store's many displays: luxurious, beautiful, and completely for show...and that Cameron's real passion is for the men he takes discreetly to his bed.
Blake has often fantasized about Cameron, but he’s completely unprepared to meet him in the flesh—or to have him offer to help with a last-minute window change during a surprise visit to the store late one night. Working side by side, the two men experience an overpowering attraction, and soon, they're engaged in a whirlwind secret affair, played out on private planes, in New York penthouses, behind office doors and in a remote, exotic beach house. For Blake, life with Cameron has its drawbacks—the secrecy and sneaking around—but it's sexier and more tender than he ever could have hoped...and it's about to get hotter.
In need of a fresh look to launch his new cologne, Cameron finds it in his lover's chiseled cheekbones, ice-blue eyes, long, dark hair and hunky, six-pack abs. It's an offer Blake can't refuse, and within weeks, he’s gone from shop-boy to poster god. A billboard of Blake romping in the California surf wearing only a pair of skin-tight leather low-riders stops traffic in Times Square and Hollywood. Suddenly, he's the "it" boy, wanted and feted from coast to coast, yet having to keep his feelings for Cameron in the shadows. But someone is unhappy about Blake's sudden rise to fame, and the growing love between the designer and his model...someone who knows their secrets…someone determined to make them pay dearly. And as the days tick down until the celebrity-packed party that will launch Blake's star, it's clear that the only way Cameron and Blake can hold on to what they have is to let go of everything else...
Riveting and compulsively entertaining, Male Model is a wickedly revealing glimpse into the rarified world of fashion—the conniving stylists and creative directors who'd step on anyone to get ahead, the insecure models who swing both ways, the temperamental diva directors, the jaded wives living on couture shows and kinky boudoir habits, the barely concealed rage and need, lust and envy, desperation and dreams they all share...and the secrets they’d all kill to keep under (stylish) wraps.

80% (17)

MM 2-1

MM 2-1

Meet MM... Ilonggo and my kababayan... a versatile model... can pose and project different emotions... undeniably camera-friendly face. He has this cute face and at the same time, sensuality that definitely will make your head turn... I don't know, some call it "eye candy". :D

Thank you very much MM for giving justice to my shoot. For being so kind to everyone and always flashing that killer smile of yours. ^_^
You were loved by everybody yesterday... and I'm proud what everybody told me about their impressions to you... all I can say is "siempre, kababayan ko yan e". Hahaha... :)

To Josef de Guzman (PsorPhil President), my very special thank you for making this shoot a super fun, super enjoyable, and super fiesta (tsibugan with kulitan to the max) SHOOT! Definitely topped my most memorable shoot in my entire photography experience. There's a lot of LOVE in the air... I can't explain but the moment I step inside the penthouse... I feel like there's a lot of heart-shape people ready to flash their sweetest smile, love, and hugs. Awww! :)
Kudos to you for being such a good leader, a brother/friend to everyone... I've known you for years and yet, I'm still amazed of you each time. You made me more and more proud each day... truly, you're someone that i called "GREAT" in its true sense... God bless you always.

To all my brothers and sisters in PsorPhil... there's no other way to say it... but I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX guys... :)

And to my BESTFRIEND Kate... what can I say... you know we have the same heartbeat best... I LOVE YOU... i'm glad when you're glad and i'm sad when you're sad... always remember, when nothing is left, you can count on me OK? And once again, I'm so very thankful for bringing colors to this shoot... you made everybody look extra fab again... you never lost your magic touch... that i think can never be taken away from you... and i'm proud and ready to shout to the world that you're the best!!! And know what? The entire PsorPhil loves you too... they were amazed not only by your multiple talents but most importantly... THE BEAUTY WITHIN YOU... which i saw first... ^_^

To the models/friends: MM, Erick, Gea, PsorPhil/Angels Image Models... what can i say... you all saw the photos that we took... and yesss... YOU GUYS ROCK BIG TIME!!! i'm sooo proud of you guys... and i wish all the best of life for each and everyone... until our next shoot... which i can't wait to come... ^_^
PS: Karl, you can't escape me next time... Hehehe... :D
Special thank you to all for helping me out set up everything... for door to door delivery... Gea, thank you so much. And to the two love birds, STAR & MIKE... you guys made me extra proud... keep the humble and loving hearts... may God bless you more... :)


Model: Michael "MM" Millendez
Makeup & Grooming: Kate T. Aguilar
Makati Prime Tower Suites
Kalayaan Avenue corner P. Burgos St., Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

*More melting photos of MM to be added in this album... coming very very soon... :)

My Golden Days

My Golden Days

Well, this is something that I've wanted to try for a while, now. I'm very fascinated with all the "homoerotic" photography. All those emotions, body posing, nonsense concepts, out of the box, erotism, sensuality, etc etc, really pleases my eye. Problem is, I don't have any male models appart from Jason (this one) and I can have millions of ideas for new photos and not working out the way I had in mind because of the model's personality and expression.

Unfortunately this happened in this photosession. That made me realise I really need to find new models to work with and talk to them about what I want to do, so I don't get any surprises. :|

These two are the best ones I took, among 200 photos! ;___;

Model: Jason

Body-Painting: Silvia Dias & Andreia Ribeiro

Concept & Accessories by: Silvia Dias

Photography & Editing: Silvia Dias

Date: July, 2011

**taken with natural light only**

Special thanks to Hotel Infante Sagres Porto - Small Luxury Hotels

male model fashion photography pose

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