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Kitchener rangers hockey club - Mainline hockey league.

Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club

kitchener rangers hockey club

    kitchener rangers
  • The Kitchener Rangers are a major junior ice hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League that have called Kitchener, Ontario, Canada their home since 1963. The Rangers are a publicly owned hockey team, governed by a 40-person Board of Directors made up of season ticket subscribers.

  • Hockey is an album by John Zorn featuring his early "game piece" composition of the same name. The album, first released on vinyl on Parachute Records in 1980, (tracks 4-9), and later re-released on CD on Tzadik Records with additional bonus tracks as part of the The Parachute Years Box Set in

  • field hockey: a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field; two opposing teams use curved sticks try to drive a ball into the opponents' net

  • Hockey refers to a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the opponent's goal, using a hockey stick.

  • One of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a black trefoil

  • baseball club: a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together; "each club played six home games with teams in its own division"

  • A heavy stick with a thick end, esp. one used as a weapon

  • A card of such a suit

  • unite with a common purpose; "The two men clubbed together"

  • a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"

Day 285 - October 12, 2007

Day 285 - October 12, 2007

This is The Sarcasm Twins at Oktoberfest on Friday night at the Kitchener Auditorium, where the Kitchener Rangers play. It was definitely a cool experience and I was really glad I went, albeit something I probably won't kill myself to go to again. Imagine a club kinda setting (although frankly I really wouldn't know), if that's possible inside a huge gymnasium-like room, and everyone getting down like muthas. But instead of shitty music, there is a live band of old dudes dressed in German Mr. Oktoberfest garb, playing amazing German folk tunes, as well as some polksa. It was epic. Then around the perimeter was beer stands and schnitzel stands. The schnitzel was damn good. The funny thing was they only sold Molson and Coors Light and swill like that. I had heard all about how there were hundreds of beers from all over the world, but this was more of a, "Let's get wasted"-type affair, so there was none of that.

The highlight of my night was probably chilling with this awesome guy who came with us, this drunken Calgary Flames fan. We were talking about how much we hate each other's hockey team, although we came to respect each other in the end. He reminded me of Dolnik at one point. When we went outside afterwards and there were many buses all around for all the slaughtered people to ride home in, there was this guy saying, "Buses on the right." Without hesitation, in true Dolnik fashion, the Calgary Flames fan was like, "You're a bus!" It was great.

Celebrating the Kitchener Rangers

Celebrating the Kitchener Rangers

In honour of making the Memorial Cup finals, before the final game against Spokane
(though they lost)

The Memorial Cup.

kitchener rangers hockey club

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