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Cheap Recording Equipment : Shrink Packaging Equipment.

Cheap Recording Equipment

cheap recording equipment

    recording equipment
  • recorder: equipment for making records

  • The equipment used to record an interview. It may be in analog or digital format and is either audio or video. The use of broadcast-quality equipment and an external microphone are highly recommended. For a more detailed discussion, see Section 5.

  • (of an item for sale) Low in price; worth more than its cost

  • relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"

  • brassy: tastelessly showy; "a flash car"; "a flashy ring"; "garish colors"; "a gaudy costume"; "loud sport shirts"; "a meretricious yet stylish book"; "tawdry ornaments"

  • (of prices or other charges) Low

  • Charging low prices

  • bum: of very poor quality; flimsy



I almost never record dates in my journals. Sorting out the past gets a bit troublesome so I used to say the past was dead and buried. Buried or not, It has lately been haunting me so I confront the ghosts in my photographs. The original little biography here was chronologically askew. The decline of dreaming, i.e. the period between the Wilberg Mine fire and the day I drove away was actually two and a half years. Now it seems like one very brutal day. So.. I changed the title and corrected the story:

A few days before Christmas, just above my town, a mile inside a mountain, an overheated piece of equipment ignited a fire in the Wilberg Mine. Twenty seven miners were barbecued in the underground inferno. I Spent the holiday making copies of family snapshots and portraits and enlarging them for funeral and memorial services. I didn't have the heart to charge anybody for the work. The whole thing unravelled me.

During the following year the Arabs squabbled over oil production causing the price of oil to drop so low it became cheaper to burn oil than burning coal to make electricity. During the coarse of the next two years the mines shut down. The price of beef collapsed and ranching went to shit. Carbon and Emery counties emptied out and my business died.

When there was no longer enough money to pay rent for my business or apartment, I sent my wife and kids to her parents in Ohio, except the night before they caught the plane, a lunatic kidnapped my oldest daughter. She was unharmed and none the worse for the wear but the trial took four months. I lived in the spare bedroom of a friends mobile home while I dealt with the kidnapping and all the judgements against me from my business vendors and tax agencies. Finally, I sent my daughter to Ohio to be with the rest of the family. I locked up the studio, sent a letter to the bank telling them it was all theirs if they wanted it. I sold my hot rod Bronco and bought a 1965 Ford station wagon for fifty bucks. It carried me and everything I could cram into it to Ohio.

The day I locked the doors of the studio for the last time, I walked into the portrait room and snapped this self-portrait. I processed the film, made a large print, mounted and matted it and wrote a message to my wife across one corner of the image. The next day I mailed the print at the post office before heading out to another part of the state to work a cash construction job for a few weeks. I prayed a lot and drank scotch.

Behringer C2s, Carvin SX200D, and Ibanez AWD82LTD

Behringer C2s, Carvin SX200D, and Ibanez AWD82LTD

Awesome (cheap) little condenser mics that come as a matched pair for $50 delivered. Come with stereo mount, mic holders, wind screens, and a nice case. Available from zzounds and other places.

The background contains my Carvin SX200D...a nice little solid state powerhouse. Also pictured is my Ibanez AWD82LTD semi-hollow.

cheap recording equipment

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