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Ic Test Equipment

ic test equipment

    test equipment
  • equipment required to perform a test

  • Integrated circuit

  • ninety-nine: being nine more than ninety

  • Internal combustion

  • IntercomPlus is the name of the Walgreen Company's proprietary computer system. Originally founded as Intercom in 1981, it was the first large scale retail computer system .

  • Intelligence Community: a group of government agencies and organizations that carry out intelligence activities for the United States government; headed by the Director of Central Intelligence

  • Intensive care

ic test equipment - Design-For-Test For

Design-For-Test For Digital IC's and Embedded Core Systems

Design-For-Test For Digital IC's and Embedded Core Systems

The purpose of this book is to introduce the basic concepts of test and design-for-test (DFT), and to then address the application of these concepts with an eye toward the trade-offs of the engineering budgets (area, frequency, power, etc.), the business drivers, and the cost drivers. This practical guide on the test and Design-for-test topics has been developed along the lines of a just what you need to know and how to do it guide that explains the topic, the trade-offs, and relates the topic to the design flow.

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Add the Finishing Touch to Your Game

Add the Finishing Touch to Your Game

by Bill Kliewer, The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com)

Putting is one of the more challenging aspects of the game, but it can also be the most rewarding if consistently done well. Developing a good stroke is key to reducing scores, and the right putter can help get you there. If you’re one of many golfers strling with consistency, the following sticks may provide the extra edge you need.

TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider

When developing the Rossa Monza Spider, TaylorMade focused on increasing forgiveness to give players more consistency on miss-hits. The steel wire-frame and strong aluminum core allows weight to be distributed to the perimeter of the putter, and the “wings” extending back from the club face help to move the center of gravity toward the rear. These features combine to give the putter a high moment of inertia (MOI) so the club head twists less on off-center hits. The battle-tested putter was used by PGA Tour star J.B. Holmes to win the 2008 FBR Open.

Odyssey Sabertooth

The technology used to make the Sabertooth is as cutting edge as the putter’s sleek design. Highly prominent are the “fangs” on each side of the club head which distribute weight to the outer-most limits for a high MOI. The head is also fitted with a White Hot XG insert which makes for a soft and responsive core that delivers exceptional feel. Additionally, the aiming channels make it easy to align putts, so more shots will find their way to the hole.

NIKE IC Series

Because concentration is of utmost importance in golf, Nike’s new IC series is optically designed to allow the eyes to focus on the ball. Engineers analyzed the color of various putting surfaces when developing the line’s distinct green color. As a result, each IC putter blends into the background and the alignment aides standout, so golfers can focus on making perfect contact. Each of the five models has a CNC milled face to promote a soft feel, making these clubs a great fit for anyone’s bag.

Mizuno Black Carbon Series

Mizuno and legendary designer Bob Bettinardi teamed up to develop this series which delivers exceptional feel and fantastic results. Designed using Feel Impact Technology, these milled putters dramatically reduce the area where the ball makes contact with the face for an extra-soft feel. Choose from one of three unique models including the BC1 and BC2, both of which are heel-toe weighted blade putters, or the mallet-style BC3. Each putter is crafted from a single piece of carbon steel to increase shot consistency, and the black chrome finish helps to reduce glare.

Scotty Cameron Studio Select

Each golfer is different, which is why Scotty Cameron’s custom shop will tailor each Studio Select putter to fit anyone’s style. Factory-interchangeable weights in the heel and toe allow for multiple length-weight options in this series, which includes four blade-style putters. A high toe profile corrects the tendency to raise the toe at address which causes golfers to push the ball left, and the CNC milled face delivers fantastic feel.

Bill Kliewer is Senior Equipment Advisor of The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the world’s largest online golf store.

20100924 Pelican Nebula (single frame equipment test)

20100924 Pelican Nebula (single frame equipment test)

Went to work on my focal reducer setup trying to obtain a larger FOV and reduce coma. I was able to get to this point which is about 36'x28' (even slightly larger than my orig target FOV of 30'x23') and eliminated about 90% of the optical aberrations. I was suffering from extreme coma, and now if i'm picky, I think i'm left with a tad barrel, but it's not too bad...(yes i'm a positive thinker... but I digress.)

This is a single 10min frame I took with no calibration - no darks, flats, bias, etc. you can tell there is some vignetting (dark around the edges) which is to be expected with f/10 -> f/3 focal reduction. I'll have to get some good flats to reverse these effects and probably apply a bit of extra contrast to the surrounding areas to compensate for this. However, what I gained is well worth it. I was able to get this result with a 1.25" screw-on Antares 2 element multicoated 0.5x reducer spaced with an extension to yield f/3 reduction. That means that I can have my filter wheel in place and my flip mirror and just switch camera assemblies to go from Lunar Planetary to DSO. And as both cameras are now coupled using 1.25" nose pieces, it's as simple as it would be to switch between 2 eyepieces. This will give me a great deal of flexibility to shoot DSO then switch to lunar/planetary work w/in a few seconds.

Monday I should recieve a small SCT spacer needed to get a good solid connection between my filter wheel and flip mirror and then i'll capture some flats and I think I can call my new setup ready to image. It's been a long road working out the details, but I really wanted to get the fiddling done before the temperature drops to MN Winter temp! I'm NOT trying 50 different combinations of spacers and optical train reorgs while it's 20 below and i'm shaking uncontrollably! brr!

ic test equipment

ic test equipment

Diamondback Fitness 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer

Award Winning Diamondback 910Ic Indoor Cycle Self-generating power system with 110v power adapter back up and computer controlled resistance with 32-levels and 18-workout programs to simulate studio class workouts or outdoor training. The 910Ic bright blue and yellow LCD display makes it easy to keep track of your workout with highly visible real-time feedback. A built-in water bottle and holder give you easy access during a workout along with a storage compartment for your iPod or mp3 player. The Diamondback 910Ic is the pinnacle of indoor cycling! Designed for indoor studio cycling enthusiasts and cyclists looking for a bad weather alternative to outdoor road rides.

Designed for workout and cycling enthusiasts looking for a bad weather alternative to outdoor road rides, the Diamondback 910Ic indoor cycle trainer is the first indoor cycle to put computer-controlled resistance at your fingertips.

The 910Ic's LCD console tracks your time, distance, calories, heart rate, and more.
The heavy-duty, professional-grade machine offers 32 resistance levels and 18 workout programs, including 12 presets and four heart-rate-controlled programs that emulate riding in real-world conditions. These motivating, challenging workouts offer such benefits as preprogrammed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, and real-time feedback regarding miles traveled. It's easy to monitor your workout progress in other ways thanks to the LCD display, which accurately tracks your time, distance, calories, heart rate, watts, speed, and rpms.
Consistent with Diamondback's commitment to quality and value, the 910Ic includes such top-grade components as a 40-pound flywheel that allows users to build momentum and re-create the high rpm training techniques used by outdoor cyclists; a heavy-duty steel frame; a wireless heart-rate training feature. Adjustability is also a key factor in the overall design. The 910Ic includes up/down and fore/aft adjustments on the seat and handlebars, letting each user "set up" the cycle for his or her specific body size. And users will love the self-generating electronic resistance system, which lets you use the 910Ic out on the back deck or patio. Additional details include heavy-duty pedal cranks; a built-in water bottle cage; and a weight capacity of 325 pounds.
The 910Ic measures 23 by 46 by 42 inches (W x H x D), weighs 152 pounds, and carries the following warranties: lifetime on the frame and brake, three years on parts and electronics, one year on labor, and 90 days on wear items.

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