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Canon 3d Video Camera

canon 3d video camera

    video camera
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Sync flapper feature on Canon 5DM2 3D rig from Allan S. of Anachrome 3D .

Sync flapper feature on Canon 5DM2 3D rig from Allan S. of Anachrome 3D .

This is a rotated view of the "Z bracket" for close spacing with a pair of Canon 5D Mark 2s, set up for 3D HD video production. This basic model does not have the twin 8in Ikan monitors mounted yet. The paired 20mmCanon primes are very good, in terms of low distortion . The directional mic, and mixer help. The flapper is used for visual sync at start and end of takes.Their electronic sync "monitor" is helpful to check camera sync during a shot, on a small digital display.

canon 3d video camera

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