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Distance between range and microwave : Microwave warming drawer : Best microwave range hood

Distance Between Range And Microwave

distance between range and microwave

distance between range and microwave - Going the

Going the Distance

Going the Distance

Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) strike sparks for a summer fling in New York City but neither expects it to last once Erin heads home to San Francisco and Garrett remains behind for his Big Apple job. But after six increasingly romantic weeks, neither is sure they want it to end. So despite the opposing coasts, naysaying friends and family and a few unexpected temptations, the couple just might have found something like love. And helped by a lot of texting and late-night phone calls, they might actually go the distance.

Going the Distance sparkles with wit and true romance--something of a rarity among mass-market romantic comedies. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, who have been a couple in real life, use their personal chemistry to effective ends in the film. They play Erin and Garrett, geography-crossed lovers who, after a whirlwind romance of six weeks in New York ("Keep it light! Keep it light" they both say, futilely), try to see if they can keep the love fires burning when Erin must move to the West Coast. There are predictable pitfalls and speed bumps that populate any romantic comedy, as well as a sublime supporting cast of friends and siblings. Especially notable is Christina Applegate as Erin's sister, Corinne, jaded and hilarious, and fiercely protective of her sister. But the charm of Going the Distance is in the winsomeness of its main stars. Barrymore and Long seem to be acting effortlessly, and their enjoyment of each other's company lets the audience feel a part of the romance. First-time screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe is less focused on zingers that are hard to believe as dialogue, and more on the subtle ways people get to know each other, and enjoy each other--especially with humor. Director Nanette Burstein (documentaries including American Teen and The Kid Stays in the Picture) keeps the action moving deftly and lets the two stars shine--even as they long for one another across the miles. Erin and Garrett's stab at phone sex is laugh-out-loud funny, yet their tender, tentative connection feels real and warm. Going the Distance lets its likable stars cross the finish line, and bring the audience along with them. --A.T. Hurley

89% (12)

~ Distance ~

~ Distance ~

For the group “Me Again Monday,” with the theme in the distance. I’m really enjoying this group, especially because a new theme is given each week which challenges you to think of ways to portray that theme through a self portrait. So this image is my portrayal of this week’s theme.

I have mixed feelings about cemeteries. I love old country cemeteries, wandering through them, reading the headstones and wondering about the lives that were once lived. Some headstones speak of lives lived long and full, others of lives cut short where tragedy struck and life was forever changed for those left behind.

So though I love wandering through cemeteries, I also experience this sadness knowing that at some time in my life I will experience the death of a loved one or I myself will be called home. I have lost all of my grandparents but one, my Oma, she is now 96 and full of life, though her body is frail her mind is sharp.

The closest person I have lost is my husband’s dad, suddenly, almost 3 years ago now, time goes by so quickly. And that is the pain of death, the hole that is left behind of a loved one no longer with us. There are still times when I miss my father-in-law; times when I wish I could talk with him, times when I wonder what he would do in a certain situation. Yet I know he is now free of all the brokenness and sin of this earth and now sits in freedom in the presence of Jesus and that gives me comfort.

Life goes on for those of us left behind and we are the ones who are still given that opportunity to choose life even though the pain and loss of death would seek to have us. Though my father-in-law is now gone I have at times wondered what he would say to those of us left behind and I think it would be something like this: live your life to fullest, forgive, find joy in life and shower it on others, seek the One who desires to give you fullness of life and share it with others…because you only have this one life here on earth…this one gift of life.

Distance…some live lives that go on year after year and it would seem a long distance from first breath to final breath. Others live today and tomorrow they are gone a life cut short. We don’t know the distance between our first breath and our last and this gives me great cause to have my life in order, perfect no I’m a sinner but a redeemed one and that is my hope because one day I too will pass on and will no longer walk upon this earth…



Well, I am an idiot walking a tightrope of fortune and fame,
I am an acrobat swinging trapezes through circles of flame,
If you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame
and though I'll never forget your face,
sometimes i can't remember my name

distance between range and microwave

distance between range and microwave

Hawks at a Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors

The ultimate must-have guide for identifying migrant raptors, Hawks at a Distance is the first volume to focus on distant raptors as they are truly seen in the field. Jerry Liguori, a leading expert on North American raptors, factors in new information and approaches for identifying twenty-nine species of raptor in various lighting situations and settings. The field guide's nineteen full-color portraits, 558 color photos, and 896 black-and-white images portray shapes and plumages for each species from all angles. Useful flight identification criteria are provided and the accompanying text discusses all aspects of in-flight hawk identification, including flight style and behavior. Concentrating on features that are genuinely observable at a distance, this concise and practical field guide is ideal for any aspiring or experienced hawk enthusiast.
The first guide to focus on distant raptors as they are viewed in the field
New information and approaches for identifying distant raptors
Illustrates twenty-nine species in various lighting situations and settings
558 color photos and 896 black-and-white images depicting plumage and shape characteristics
All aspects of in-flight hawk identification, including flight style and behavior

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