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Protecta safety equipment. Chinese farm equipment. Music studio equipment packages.

Protecta Safety Equipment

protecta safety equipment

    safety equipment
  • Our customers' safety is paramount. All our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. However, appropriate safety equipment must be used by experienced and inexperienced operators alike.

  • Safety equipment for making soap includes eye protection, a face shield, rubber gloves, and clothing to cover any bare skin that may be exposed to lye, including arms, legs, and feet. Ventilation equipment may be required when making large quantities of lye-water solution.

  • Protects the employee and includes such items as head covers, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, safety shoes, handguns, batons, and handcuffs.

  • The Armsel Striker (also known as Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12, Protecta, Protecta Bulldog, and Cobray/SWD Street Sweeper) is a revolver 12-gauge shotgun designed for riot control and combat.

protecta safety equipment - PRO Line

PRO Line Full Body Harnesses - harn pt 1d med/lg pro

PRO Line Full Body Harnesses - harn pt 1d med/lg pro

098-AB10113 This item features: -Coated hardware for corrosion resistance. -Other sizes available. -Includes durable covered labels and impact indicators. -It has durable webbing with 5-point adjustment with pass-thru buckles on legs and chest. -This general purpose harness provides excellent value for the money. -Size Group: Medium/Large. -Connection Type: Back D-Ring. -Strap Material: Polyester. -Style: Vest. -Price is for 1 Each. Testing and approvals: -Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359.

75% (12)

Amanita protecta?

Amanita protecta?

I think the other possible oak-associated grisette is A. constricta, but most of the pics I'm seeing of that seem to show a browner cap and a more delicate volva. I'd love a second opinion.

HesperiaAntiqued&coated (3)

HesperiaAntiqued&coated (3)

After patina, second run through the tumbler and a coating of protecta-clear.

protecta safety equipment

protecta safety equipment

Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Station -6 Stations

Mouse-size PROTECTA RTU, a staple of the industry since 1991, holds 1 oz., 28g, 20g and 15g BLOX baits. Triangular-shaped with angled entry holes, PROTECTA RTU fits flush against a wall or in a corner where mice travel. Mice do not hesitate to enter and once they're inside, the station's interior baffles lead them to the bait. Compact PROTECTA RTU fits in tight baiting places under pallets, in cupboards or behind appliances. It is made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic to withstand tough baiting situations. This tamper-resistant bait station automatically locks when closed, keeping bait away from children and non-target animals. Yet, a simple motion with the PROTECTA 2-prong key unlocks the device, reducing service time by as much as 75 percent. Service labels are included in each case.

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