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Cheap Hunting Equipment

cheap hunting equipment

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Tom Carey

Tom Carey

Just a few years ago I upgraded my bow equipment getting a new Hoyt Trykon
and while at the store I was commenting on the tree stands that they had on
display and how they were no better than sitting on a 5 gallon bucket for
comfort. The shop owner pointed me to some Millennium stands that he had
still in the box. He took one out for me to look at and when I saw the Cam
and receiver design for ease of hanging I liked it. He let me take it
outside of his shop and put it on a tree to see how it felt. I was hooked
right then. I knew I could be in this stand all day long and not have my but
fall asleep and it was silent and I couldn't make it tip or be unstable as
hard as I tried there on that tree. I went in and bought it immediately.
In the years since I have been able to sit all day weather bow or rifle
hunting, in fact it is more comfortable than the chairs at home or in the
hunting cabin.

Well this year I decided to hunt in the Chequamegon National forest in an
area that I had not bow hunted before. Years ago there was a deer that
roamed this area, I was going to hunt, that everyone in the area called
Bigfoot, as many had seen him crossing the road at night and all agreed he
was a monster. Well I figured that some of his offspring had to be in this
area so I scouted during the spring and found an area, I liked. That fall I
set up in an area I was sure the deer would be coming though along the side
of a ridge. The first night I saw nothing but I the rut was on here in
Wisconsin so I knew I had to as the add says "Just sit down and shut up". I
spent two more full days in this stand with nothing. I began to doubt my
stand placement but on the 4th day just before closing I heard the tell tail
sound of branches hitting the antlers of a deer. I looked in that direction
and then I saw the deer sneaking through the brush. He got downwind of me
and stopped looking in my directions. I could see he had horns but not how
many or how big they were he was about 80 yrds away. The past two days I had
been spraying in the air 2 pumps of Knight and Hales synthetic doe in heat
every hour on the hour and just letting the scent move through the air. I
was sure that this buck had just come from being locked down with another
doe and was looking for the source of this scent. His horns were so dark
against the marshy timber that he was coming through that I couldn't tell
how wide or how tall he was. As he came right below my stand I tried to
draw but I couldn't. I was so cold from sitting there all day. I tried
again and finally came to full draw. I put the pin on his chest as has his
head was behind a tree and let fly. I saw my lumenok disappear right were I
had put the pin, the deer turned and tore off were he had come from.
Stopping briefly out in the marshy timber before running again. I knew I
had made a good shot so I got down and immediately started to track the deer
as light was fading fast. He went about 125 yards and I found him
collapsed on a logging trail with his legs under him. When I hit him with
the flash light I was overjoyed as I figured he was just a basket racked 8
pt. There was no ground shrinkage on this deer. The I was able to go get my
truck and drive to within 40 yards of the deer as I new where the logging
trail that this deer had fallen on came out to the main road.

I wouldn't have ever been able to hunt that many hours using any of the
other stands that I have had throughout the years they just were not
comfortable for the long haul of serious bow hunting.

I now have 2 T-100 hang on stands and recommend them to everyone who is
considering them.. As I tell them "What is a comfortable pair of boots
worth? Would you buy an uncomfortable pair of boots just because they are
$25 dollars cheaper. Why, you will not want to use them, and the stand is
meant to be used."

Thanks for truly bringing comfort to the woods.
Tom Carey

Here are some of the bucks I have taken off a Millennium Stand, the one
without snow is the one that the story is about..





Not all young hunters are the same. Some have more passion and drive for the sport. Some take their hunting very seriously. That’s why we developed the Chaos™ line of bows. These are not your typical “kids” bows. The Chaos™ line uses highly preloaded 12” split limbs, just like our X-Force™ bows, to deliver the ultimate in speed and performance. The Chaos™ One offers the best speed and performance offered in a youth bow today.

“Just because I’m young doesn’t mean that I want a cheap “starter” bow. I’m an avid bow hunter and I hunt for monster bucks. I count on the Chaos™ One because I know that when my season is on the line, my Chaos™ One will deliver the performance and accuracy to get the job done!” Taylor Drury - Drury Outdoors

Brace Height: 6 ?”
Axle-to-Axle: 30 ?”
ATA/IBO Speed: 302-294 fps @ 28”
Letoff: 80% or 65% adjustable
Mass Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Draw Length Range: 24” - 28”
Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60 lbs.
Maximum Limb Bolt
Turns From Bottom: 4
Shipped in: 25”

cheap hunting equipment

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