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Rotary oilfield drilling equipment - Equipment rental phoenix arizona - Video equipment dallas.

Rotary Oilfield Drilling Equipment

rotary oilfield drilling equipment

    drilling equipment
  • means the derrick, together with all parts of and appurtenances to such structure, every piece of apparatus, machinery or equipment used or erected or maintained for use in connection with drilling.

  • a region rich in petroleum deposits (especially one with producing oil wells)

  • An oil field is a region with an abundance of oil wells extracting petroleum (crude oil) from below ground. Because the oil reservoirs typically extend over a large area, possibly several hundred kilometres across, full exploitation entails multiple wells scattered across the area.

  • area where petroleum is or was removed from the Earth.

  • A rotary machine, engine, or device

  • traffic circle: a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island; "the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary"

  • A traffic circle

  • relating to or characterized by rotation; "rotary dial"

  • circular: describing a circle; moving in a circle; "the circular motion of the wheel"

rotary oilfield drilling equipment - This Is

This Is Not a Drill: Just Another Glorious Day in the Oilfield

This Is Not a Drill: Just Another Glorious Day in the Oilfield

He's back on the rigs and back in trouble. Picking up right where he left off, Paul Carter pulls out more tall tales of a mad, bad, and dangerous life in the international oil trade. Starting with action and mayhem galore This Is Not A Drill sets an unrelenting pace that just doesn't let up, as Paul almost drowns when the Russian rig he's working on begins to capsize; is reunited with his Dad—another adrenaline junkie; gets married; hangs out with his rig pig buddies in exotic locations; gets hammered on vodka in Sakhalin; and spends a couple of interesting weeks in Afghanistan with some mates who run an outfit that just happens to contract out mercenaries for hire. This is the next fast, furious, and very funny book from Paul Carter.

82% (8)

bob dobbs

bob dobbs

The 'theology' holds that 'Bob' is the greatest Drill Bit salesman who ever lived, and has cheated death a number of times.

Then he was assassinated in San Francisco in 1984.

Drilling equipment

Drilling equipment

Mud pumps and other appliances. "Mud," or drilling fluid, is circulated to and from the bottom of the hole to flush out cuttings.

rotary oilfield drilling equipment

rotary oilfield drilling equipment

Oilfield Trash: Life and Labor in the Oil Patch (Kenneth E. Montague Series in Oil and Business History)

When the first gusher blew in at Spindletop, near Beaumont, Texas, in 1901, petroleum began to supplant cotton and cattle as the economic engine of the state and region. Very soon, much of the workforce migrated from the cotton field to the oilfield, following the lure of the wealth being created by black gold.

The early decades of the twentieth century witnessed the development of an oilfield culture, as these workers defined and solidified their position within the region’s social fabric. Over time, the work force grew more professionalized, and technological change attracted a different type of laborer.

Bobby D. Weaver grew up and worked in the oil patch. Now, drawing on oral histories supplemented and confirmed by other research, he tells the colorful stories of the workers who actually brought oil wealth to Texas. Drillers, shooters, toolies, pipeliners, teamsters, roustabouts, tank builders, roughnecks . . . each of them played a role in the frenzied, hard-driving lifestyle of the boomtowns that sprouted overnight in association with each major oil discovery.

Weaver tracks the differences between company workers and contract workers. He details the work itself and the ethos that surrounds it. He highlights the similarities and differences from one field to another and traces changing aspects of the work over time. Above all, Oilfield Trash captures the unique voices of the laboring people who worked long, hard hours, often risking life and limb to keep the drilling rigs “turning to the right.”

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