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Super Spy Equipment

super spy equipment

    super spy
  • Super Spy is an American comedy film starring A.J. Jamal, LisaRaye, Reynaldo Rey, Conchita Leeflang and written, produced and directed by A.J. Jamal.

  • The necessary items for a particular purpose

  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items

  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.

  • Mental resources

  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service

  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.

super spy equipment - Spyderco Superleaf

Spyderco Superleaf Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Spyderco Superleaf Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Original CLIPIT knives from the early 1980s, set side-by-side against new models, reveal a definite trend in Spyderco’s design history, the leaf-shape blade. It has emerged as a CLIPIT signature due to the blade shape which has proven it functions efficiently in nearly all cutting applications, while offering enough breadth-of-blade to accommodate the Spyderco Round Hole. Requests for a super-sized Spyderco leaf-shaped blade keep coming and in response, the new SuperLeaf fills the order with its broad VG-10 PlainEdge flat-ground blade and black G-10 handle. Located at the blade’s spine and choil is jimping (texturing) which works in conjunction with an expanded pommel on the handle, coordinating grip on the handle and dexterous control over the sharpened edge while cutting. Tucked inside the scales is a Compression Lock® locking mechanism, skeletonized full liners, a piped lanyard hole, and a secure-attachment left/right-hand, tip-up wire clip. Pretty may be an option. Sharpness and performance are not, making it a positive attribute that the SuperLeaf has both.

85% (15)

"Kilroy Was Here" on the WW2 Memorial

Kilroy was here is an American popular culture expression, often seen in graffiti. Its origins are open to speculation, but recognition of it and the distinctive doodle of "Kilroy" peeking over a wall is almost ubiquitous among U.S. residents who lived during World War II through the Korean War.

The same doodle also appears in other cultures, but the character peeping over the wall is not named Kilroy but Foo, i.e. Foo was here. In the United Kingdom, such graffiti are known as "chads". In Chile, the graphic is known as a "sapo" [toad]; this may refer to the character's peeping, an activity associated with frogs because of their protruding eyes.

The phrase appears to have originated through United States servicemen, who would draw the doodle and the text "Kilroy Was Here" on the walls or elsewhere they were stationed, encamped, or visited. Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable notes that it was particularly associated with the Air Transport Command, at least when observed in the United Kingdom.

One theory identifies James J. Kilroy, an American shipyard inspector, as the man behind the signature. During World War II he worked at the Bethlehem Steel Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, where he claimed to have used the phrase to mark rivets he had checked. The builders, whose rivets J. J. Kilroy was counting, were paid depending on the number of rivets they put in. A riveter would make a chalk mark at the end of his or her shift to show where they had left off and the next riveter had started. Unscrupulous riveters discovered that, if they started work before the inspector arrived, they could receive extra pay by erasing the previous worker's chalk mark and chalking a mark farther back on the same seam, giving themselves credit for some of the previous riveter's work. J.J. Kilroy stopped this practice by writing "Kilroy was here" at the site of each chalk mark. At the time, ships were being sent out before they had been painted, so when sealed areas were opened for maintenance, soldiers found an unexplained name scrawled. Thousands of servicemen may have potentially seen his slogan on the outgoing ships and Kilroy's omnipresence and inscrutability sparked the legend. Afterwards, servicemen could have begun placing the slogan on different places and especially in new captured areas or landings. At some later point, the graffiti and slogan (Kilroy was here) must have merged.

The New York Times reported this as the origin in 1946, with the addition that Kilroy had marked the ships themselves as they were being built—so, at a later date, the phrase would be found chalked in places that no graffiti-artist could have reached (inside sealed hull spaces, for example), which then fed the mythical significance of the phrase—after all, if Kilroy could leave his mark there, who knew what else he could do?

Author Charles Panati says, “The mischievous face and the phrase became a national joke.” He continued to say, "The outrageousness of the graffiti was not so much what it said, but where it turned up."

Kilroy is still known and used today by US Servicemen. He has been seen scribbled on barriers on Main Supply Routes (MSRs) in Iraq and on warehouses in Taji, Iraq.

There are many legends attached to the Kilroy graffiti. One states that Adolf Hitler believed that Kilroy was some kind of American super spy because the graffiti kept turning up in secure Nazi installations, presumably having been actually brought on captured Allied military equipment. Another states that Stalin was the first to enter an outhouse especially built for the leaders at the Potsdam conference. Upon exiting, Stalin asked an aide, "Who is this Kilroy?" Another legend states that a German officer, having seen frequent "Kilroys" posted in different cities, told all of his men that if they happened to come across a "Kilroy" he wanted to question him personally. Another one states the entire gag was started by a soldier in the Army who was sick of the Air Force bragging that they were always the first on the scene; the little man and phrase then began appearing in ludicrous places to indicate that someone had, in fact, arrived prior to the Air Force.

The graffiti is supposedly located on various significant and/or difficult-to-reach places such as on the torch of the Statue of Liberty, on the Marco Polo Bridge in China, in huts in Polynesia, on a high girder on the George Washington Bridge in New York, at the peak of Mt. Everest, on the underside of the Arc de Triomphe, scribbled in the dust on the moon, in WWII pillboxes scattered around Germany, around the sewers of Paris, and, in tribute to its origin, engraved in the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Transit Company of America held a competition in 1946 offering a real trolley car to the man who could verify he was the "real Kilroy". J. J. Kilroy brought his co-workers wi

Maria the Meanie Pie

Maria the Meanie Pie

[My mother is volunteering to help people learn to read and she asked me to help by writing a story with the common sight words. This is the rough draft of my story. (And in case you're wondering, no, I don't live with my mom.)]

OK, it's the worst story ever...

Maria the Meanie Pie

Once upon a time there was a little school nestled on top of a breezy hill.

One of the students there was the meanest little girl in the world.

One was the funniest boy in the world.

The girl’s name was Maria the Meanie Pie.

The boy’s name was Hector the Laugh Inspector.

One day at recess while playing ball, Hector accidentally leapt onto the lunch table and stepped on Maria’s jelly sandwich.

Maria was so very mad.

Hector said, “I’m so sorry that I flattened your sandwich.”

“Look, don’t be mad,” he said. He poked two holes into the sandwich with his finger and jammed the sandwich into his hat in front of his face.

Hector looked through the holes and made a funny voice like a flattened sandwich. “Oh, it’s O.K. Do you know where there is a sandwich repair shop around here?”

With that, the entire school fell on their sides and laughed so hard that tears made the ground wet.

Maria stamped one foot and then the other. She knew she being ridiculed and everyone knew she was the meanest girl in the world, which made it funnier because Hector was probably in danger of some type.

Mr. Garcia, the burly school’s boilermaker, just then came out of manhole cover from underground in the middle of the school yard with a huge wrench. “That should fix that pesky water system that the school board has been complaining about.”

Just then Mr. Garcia noticed Hector with a smashed jelly sandwich face and people lying on the ground, choking for air.

“Oh, dear Lord, an alien invasion!!!” Mr. Garcia lost his grip and fell back down into the tunnel with the sound of tools banging down everywhere.

Everyone stopped laughing and gasped. Oh, no, they cried. “Mr. Garcia, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Garcia!”

Suddenly Mr. Garcia hand with red oozing over it emerged from the tunnel and began to pull Mr. Garcia out of the tunnel. Everyone’s jaw dropped. Two girls fainted.

Mr. Garcia’s face had a big flattened jelly sandwich stuck to it with two eye-holes. He looked down at his hand and licked it. “Hmmmm, tastes like strawberry jelly.”

Hector had done it again. This time the entire school could not move they were laughing so hard. Many tried crawling, but none could stand up.

Suddenly Maria’s mother, Gloria, came out from behind a bush and started laughing. She said, “Oh, Maria, be a good sport. You have not laughed in 6 months. Look I marked every day that you do not laugh on this calendar.”

“Well, I’m still mad because you lost my box full of Cupie dolls when we moved and our dog went to live with Grandma and Grandpa.” She said with arms crossed.

“I knew all this was going to happen,” Maria said. “You don’t think I have spies?” With that, Fuensanta, the smartest girl in the world, came out of the school with a video camera and a very expensive lawyer.

Fuensanta stood proudly and announced that they had all the evidence they needed and that Maria was going to sue her mother.

“You are going to make me a new sandwich with even more jelly and everyone will un-laugh this practical joke,” Maria said, standing defiantly. “And to make you cooperate with un-laughing, even though it is physically impossible, I’ve invited someone.”

Suddenly, Chale, the strongest boy in the world, stormed out of a big bush and knocked the leaves off of his clothes.

“You will now learn to un-laugh,” said Maria, making the meanest face ever in recorded history.

Hector then said, “That’s funny because I have the super-strongest boy in the world here. And everyone knows super-strong is stronger than regular strong. Here I have a list of all the super people in the world that I got from my father.”

“Nice try,” said Maria. “It doesn’t look like he showed up.”

“Galeno. Gaspar.” Hector motioned to them.

Galeno and Gaspar nodded and began pulling a giant statue on wheels out from behind a large wall. Everyone gasped when they saw it was over twenty feet tail – but then everyone started laughing when they realized the statue was very flimsy and parts started falling off of it.

“Hilarious,” Maria said sarcastically. “Is that supposed to scare me: a statue made of old, half-eaten breadsticks from school cafeteria? Please…”

“Chale,” she said, “take care of that statue!”

Everyone guarded themselves as Chale picked up an basketball and threw it as hard as he could at the statue. Breadsticks exploded everywhere as someone yelped, “Ouch!” The statue collapsed into a giant pile. Somebody had been hiding inside the statue.

“That really is the strongest boy in the world.”

Maria recognized that voice and face. “Grandpa!!!” she cried.

Her grandfather stood there holding the family dog with Cupie dolls stuffed in every possible pocket.

She ra

super spy equipment

super spy equipment

Alex Super Sleuth Kit/Detective Activity Kit

Learn how to be a detective. Create composite ID's, take fingerprints and learn codes. Flashlight, rearview spy glasses, magnifying glass, secret marker pen and more.

For the sleuth in every kid. The Under Cover Detective Activity Kit is a great choice for curious youngsters. Watch as your kids build academic skills through observation, creative reasoning, and imaginative play. Amateur sleuths can use items such as rearview glasses, code wheels, and composite drawing materials in a variety of imaginary detective scenarios. A colorful Spy Guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for activities such as taking fingerprints, documenting "suspects'" moves, and deciphering coded messages. The kit also includes a magnifying glass, a small flashlight, an ink pad, fingerprint powder, secret marker pens, a red message filter, file cards, and a special agent I.D. card. "Don't forget," the Spy Guide urges, "observe everything, look for clues, put pieces together, go undercover, take a lot of notes, and have fun!" (Parents with low tolerance for black powdery messes may want to remove the fingerprint powder.) Flashlight requires two AAA batteries, not included. --Joan DeClaire

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