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Cost To Fix A Flat Tire - Tire Package Deals.

Cost To Fix A Flat Tire

cost to fix a flat tire

    flat tire
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new tire

new tire

It wasnt my day today. you know what, This afternoon on my way to columbia (a sort of lg school), I got a flat tire. But before that, I drove all the way around 7 km (i supposed) without even feeling the tire was low or the air was slowly leaking out. All of a sudden, my back tire just blew out. OMG, luckily I wasn't speeding then. what if I was riding as fast as I usually do. CAN'T imagine what happened at that time.

Fortunately, there was a repair shop across from the place where my bike broke down. It was actually a short distance, but it took me like forever to get there since my back tire was completely dead. got sweaty all over my body. I had no choice and must change a new tire cuz the hole is too big to add/ fill the air in. It was a really expensive afternoon and cost me over a thousand NT to get everything fixed. WTF. What's worst, I'd got only 100 with me then, and the mechanic asked me to deposit my cell there until I paid off the bill. THis is the shitty Thursday's all about.

Fixing our tire

Fixing our tire

It cost 8 pesos (just over 2 canadian dollars), and about ten minutes, to get our tire fixed at a local gomeria. What surprised me, however, was the fact that it was nail that gave us a flat tire, not a rock! We must have gotten a flat in the city Cachi and not en route to Cachi. That is quite compressive considering the road that we were driving on!

cost to fix a flat tire

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