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Circus Deluxe Edition

Product Details
* Audio CD (December 2, 2008)
* Number of Discs: 2
* Label: Jive

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New “Womanizer” CD single Cover + datumi izlaska

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Njemacka - 14.11.
UK - 24.11.

Singl s novim coverom izlazi samo izvan Amerike.
| 17.10.2008. | 2 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

"Womanizer" Music Video

Womanizer - DOWNLOAD

| 11.10.2008. | 13 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

Womanizer Promo Single

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| 05.10.2008. | 8 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

"Womanizer" Music Video Details!

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The "Womanizer" music video takes place at the Elevate Lounge in the Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles. One scene shows Britney as a sexed-up waitres, wearing black boots, tight-black leather pants with an oversized black belt, a black leather vest with a white button-up cutoff vest underneath, and drenched in silver jewelry around her neck and wrists. Britney's left arm is tatted with red roses. The word "Womanizer" is written inside a broken heart on her upper arm and written again in black cursive a bit lower. Surrounded by dancers in similar outfits, Britney walks through the restaurant carrying a silver platter with a glass of brandy on top. To complete her Gothic-waitress look, Britney rocks a shoulder-length, dark auburn-colored wig and black nail polish.

Another scene shows a playful and flirty Britney playing the role of a sexy secretary (a-la "How I Met Your Mother"), dressed in a black & white striped top, a knee-length leather skirt, black-rimmed spectacles and a short, black bob wig. Britney, wearing bright-red lipstick for the scene, plays with the love-interest in the video (wearing a black business suit and tie) - even photocopying his face in the office as she smiles to the camera.

But it's the sex-kitten Britney in a revealing, grey satin robe, peeping black bra, and pink belly-button ring, along with her signature tousled long blond hair shows fans just why they fell in love with the pop-star nearly 10 years ago. Here, Britney is cooking breakfast for her pursuer after a night of passion (yes, she gives him a lap-dance in bed), and brings the meal to her newly-found lover who happens to be wearing only white boxer-briefs at the table while the word "womanizer" flashes in the background. But what does Britney do after being scantily-clad and provocative towards the young man? Blows him a kiss, remembering that innocent, yet not-so-innocent, demure she displayed in her early days in pigtails and a school-girl uniform.

Britney is later seen wearing the man's black business-jacket and tie, along with a black hat and sunglasses inside a car. Perhaps a quick escape after using the man she adamantly labels a womanizer for a little fun of her own?

Britney proves herself in this video as a relevant music icon. It's sexy, it's wild, it's empowering, but more importantly it's that legendary pop video we've been waiting for since "Toxic."

You say she's crazy? She's got your crazy, and I'm loving it.

- BreatheHeavy.com
| 05.10.2008. | 2 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

Womanizer Download Day

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| 05.10.2008. | 0 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

Glasajte za Britney

Britney je nominirana u tri kategorije na ovogodisnjem EMA-u.
EMA 2008

| 04.10.2008. | 0 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

Britney je vec snimila dva shoota

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Britney je dok je bila u New Yorku snimila novi shoot za parfem Hidden Fantasy, koji je jos jedan parfem iz Fantasy linije.Ime fotografa nije jos otkriveno.

Prije par dana pricalo se o shootu s David LaChapelle-om.
Sad je i to potvrdeno.
Oni su navodno snimili shoot za Glamour.
Britney je navodno bila obucena u stvari koje su obiljezile njenu karijeru, ali taj dio nije jos potvrden.
| 04.10.2008. | 0 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

Britney Touches Down At LAX Airport

Britney Spears se vratila iz New Yorka u Los Angeles.Svi govore kako izgleda kao Majka Tereza.02.10.2008.Klikni na sliku da vidiš ostatak galerije!

Britney Spears

| 03.10.2008. | 5 | Komentari | Isprintaj | #

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