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Good cleaning products. Clean microfiber. Cleaning stove top glass.

Good Cleaning Products

good cleaning products

    cleaning products
  • Cleaning products as defined in this document refer to products that are used for the routine cleaning of the indoor built environment.

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good cleaning products - Safco(R) Dome-Top

Safco(R) Dome-Top Receptacle With Open Lid, 15 Gallons, White

Safco(R) Dome-Top Receptacle With Open Lid, 15 Gallons, White

Keep it versatile! Cabinetry is formed from compressed wood with laminate finish with a solid fiberboard back for strength and rigidity. The strong hardboard shelves form basic letter-sized compartments that adjust to increase the size of individual compartments for storage of books, 3-ring binders or personal mementos. Includes a metal rod adapter to store and organize CD's in the bottom two compartments. Black plastic molding complements finish while doubling as a convenient labeling area (labels are included).

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How the heck did I lose a vacuum?

How the heck did I lose a vacuum?

We have two of these vacuums, which I purchased from, a few years ago, during some sort of promotion where buying 2 made them really cheap. For the first couple years, we only used one of the vacuums, but eventually it started sucking less (literally), which sucked! :) So, we opened the other one late last year, and have been using that one ever since. At some point, I learned that these vacuums have a lot of parts that are easy to remove and clean, so I didn't throw away the old vacuum (plus, I figured it could be good for spare parts someday). Since I learned that, I've regularly cleaned the more-recently-opened vacuum, which has kept it working well. I haven't bothered cleaning the old one yet, because I know it's got to be pretty nasty in there, and I haven't been motivated to tackle that cleaning job. A couple days ago, I wanted to vacuum the living room rug, but could not find the good, clean-ish vacuum. I searched the whole house twice, checking first in the places that made sense, then in places that didn't make much sense but seemed possible, and finally in places that I would never expect a vacuum to ever actually go. I can't find it, anywhere! How the heck do you lose a large, upright vacuum?!?

YIP: my day.

YIP: my day.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. And not the fun kind. Walls, baseboards, staircase railings...going to not worry about the basic vacuuming and stuff because we are having a party next weekend so I will do that then. But all this other stuff I did not want to do also.

This stuff rocks. Best cleaning supplies I have ever purchased.

good cleaning products

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