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Medela breast pump no suction : Viking pump canada.

Medela Breast Pump No Suction

medela breast pump no suction

    breast pump
  • A device for drawing milk from a woman's breasts by suction

  • A breast pump is a mechanical device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. Breast pumps may be manual devices powered by hand or foot movements or electrical devices powered by mains electricity or batteries.

  • (brest puhmp) — A pump used to help remove breastmilk from your breasts.

  • A device used to express milk from the breast.

  • a force over an area produced by a pressure difference

  • remove or draw away by the force of suction; "the doctors had to suction the water from the patient's lungs"

  • The production of a partial vacuum by the removal of air in order to force fluid into a vacant space or procure adhesion

  • sucking: the act of sucking




Really wasn't trying to show so much skin.... I just wanted fleshy tones... I promise!!! This is purely for the sake of art... anyhow, I've had this idea in my head for a while... I've admired many other 'stuck to the wall' scenarios and thought it would be interesting if it looked like I was sort of like a suction cup with only my hair escaping the physics of the situation...

Well anyhow. It's a little bizarre but I suppose that's me. ;)



Unfortunately, I have a little point and shoot so there are some really bad artifacts in there due to the low light conditions, but I had to try, its arms and suction cups were poised so perfectly!

You tumblr folks are a strange lot. But thanks for the views and faves! ;)

medela breast pump no suction

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