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Two screw pump. Diesel fuel injection pump diagrams.

Two Screw Pump

two screw pump

  • (of an object) Be attached or removed by being rotated in this way

  • Rotate (something) so as to fit it into or on to a surface or object by means of a spiral thread

  • Fasten or tighten with a screw or screws

  • sleep together: have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?"

  • a simple machine of the inclined-plane type consisting of a spirally threaded cylindrical rod that engages with a similarly threaded hole

  • prison guard: someone who guards prisoners

  • A light shoe, in particular

  • A woman's plain, lightweight shoe that has a low-cut upper, no fastening, and typically a medium heel

  • deliver forth; "pump bullets into the dummy"

  • a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction

  • operate like a pump; move up and down, like a handle or a pedal; "pump the gas pedal"

  • A man's slip-on patent leather shoe for formal wear

My story

My story

On my last post Rob said he would like to hear the story about how I got shot, so I sent him a flickrmail telling him the story. I thought since I had the story worte out and I had been wanting to share this story with all my friends on flickr this would be as good a time as any to share it. This happened about 19 years ago, this X-ray was taken about a year later when the doctors had removed one of the two screws that was in my should. The best part of them removing the screw was that I got to watch, they actually made a small cut stuck a screwdriver in the cut and screwed the screw out, it was crazy. The story below is the best I could remember from that day, I do believe it is very accurate if not exact. All the glowing parts in the x-ray are pins screws and buckshots. I hope everyone enjoys the story.

This started about three days before I got shot, I have two cousins in this story so to make it easier to keep up with I'll call them cousin #1 which is the one that shot me and cousin #2 which will be the one I was with three days before I got shot. Ok, so three days before I got shot I was in the truck with cousin #2 headed out to cousin #1 house, cousin #2 had to drop off a pump action 12 gauge shotgun off at cousin #1 house that he had borrowed from him days before. We got there and cousin #2 knocked on cousin #1 door and no one answered so he decided to put it in cousin #1 car, before he done that there was a shotgun sheel that had been rolling around under my feet on the floor board of the truck all the way out to cousin #1 house so I told cousin #2 to put the shell in the car with the gun, cousin #2 took the shell from me and slid it up in the magazine tube of the shotgun and put the gun in cousin #1 car and we left. Now fastforward three days later, I was sitting in my truck in a parking lot where all the teenagers hung out at before school ( Yes this happened one morning before school ) I was eating breakfast and talking to a friend that was pulled up next to my truck, we had our windows down talking when cousin #1 oulled up on the other side of my friends truck so now it was my truck with me in it then my friends truck with him in it and cousin #1 car with him in it we were all talking about the normal stuff teenage boys talk about when all of a suddden my friend that was in my truck with me ( I forgot to mention him, but he was there) said cousin #1 is pointing a gun right t you, I looked over and sure enough he was and my friend that was sitting in the the truck that was parked between me and cousin #1 was leaned back trying to get out of the way as much as he could. I leaned forward to start my truck to try and get out of the way and before I could get my fingers on the keys I felt something push on my left shoulder and it shoved me all the way across the cab of my truck. I never heard the gun go off, in fact I never knew I was even shot until I reached around and felt the hole in my Now remember the shell that was rolling around under my feet three days before, that was the same shell he shot me with, sounds like one of those made up stories doesnt I know cousin #1 sounds like a bad guy, but he didnt mean to shoot me, he was always bad about horse playing with guns as we were growing up and it caught up with him that day. He did however give me a ride up to my aunts house that morning after I got him calmed down ( yes I was the calmest person out of the two of us) and once we got there we called 911 the emt's came and got me and took me to the hospital. It took two weeks in the hospital and five surgies to put me back together, today other than a huge dent in my left shoulder and aches and pains everyday from it you would never know it happened to me. Oh and something I forgot to put in this when I sent it to rob was my friend that was sitting between me and cousin #1 in his truck never got touched by the buckshot they all went right past his face and hit me, he was very lucky.

Thanks for looking and reading. I hope everyone has a great day.



Another ankle update.

So. I mashed the fucker up again. At the beginning of the month I had surgery to attach the broken off joint nub thing. Two screws hold it in. There was also a hairline fracture above the ankle on the tibia which I now know is the larger weight bearing bone. Last Thursday night I slipped on my crutches while navigating a set of ONE STAIR and came down hard on the injured ankle. My eyes rolled back in my head, I blacked out and began to sweat like a beast. Seems the impact had made the hairline not so hairline anymore. The hairline fracture is now a clean break across the bone with the added bonus of having a nice crack intersecting it and running from my ankle joint up to about the halfway point on my shin. AWESOME. They wanted to admit me at the hospital for surgery but there were no beds available so they sent me off and told me they'd call me when there was room for me. Off I went with some pitiful Tylenol 3 painkillers and waited for my call. About an hour after I left I got a call saying that I was to come back the following Tuesday, yesterday. Since I didn't have to wait around all weekend for the call I went up to my sisters cottage where I enhanced the effects of Tylenol 3 with hot sun and booze which worked out a nice balance between pain and nausea/constipation oh my. So I'm sitting on the dock in the sun and was being careful to apply sunscreen so I didn't add to my pain with a nice burn. I forgot to but sunscreen in my armpits though and now I have a wicked underarm burn which is so awesome when you're walking with crutches rubbing up against it. YEAH. So yesterday I swing by the hospital for my appointment, expecting to get my operation on and they check the sucker out and tell me it's too swollen to operate on come back in a week. Sucks. So they send me off again but this time I've got some hillbilly heroin to replace the crappy Tylenol 3. They work great on making me so high I don't care about the pain but they also give me wicked Jacobs Ladder style hallucinations when I get all sleepy like. They also make it so I can eat for a week and not have to crap.

I'm heading back to the hospital next Wednesday for my operation where they are going to throw a plate around the tibia to hold everything in place. Hi Morphine pump! I'm going to try and get some hospital shots and my real x-rays to post. This one is another Google find that I photoshopped.

Alright! Bye!

two screw pump

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