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Cooking Duck Breasts In The Oven

cooking duck breasts in the oven

"Rub", "Tie", "Snap", "Crackle", "Pop"... The Makings of A Great Meal

Charlie Rose once asked chef/restaurateur Thomas Keller (of Per Se and The French Laundry) of his favorite dish. I was expecting for him to wax something grandiose like foie gras au torchon, Chateaubriand, or something on the forefront/obscure like Sous Vide duck breast. He smiles for a second, then states without hesitation: roast chicken.


Keller then elaborates, 'That's my favorite dish... A simple roasted chicken really satisfies that innermost desire of food. It represents that place in my life I'm most comfortable." He then continues to praise the simple roast chicken: "There are different areas on the bird, such as the oysters on the backbone -- the succulent morsels are so wonderful. Then there are the legs, the joints, and finally the breast. There are so many contrasts."

It makes sense... the very first recipe of Bouchon is this simple and amazing roast chicken. It even got it's own section and introduction -- this in a cookbook featuring recipes that span days and over 25 ingredients. Truly Thomas Keller reveres this time-honored preparation.

Reminds me of that Zuni roast chicken I had a few months ago.

And I have to tell you, the meat was simply swimming in its own juices. No basting during the cooking process, no brining, none of that. It was a simple salt and pepper rub, truss the chicken (an integral step he states), place in a 450 F oven for 1 hour, chop some thyme and add to the bubbling pan drippings then baste. Out comes moist, succulent roast chicken with a crispy skin.

No more Costco chicken for me anymore, that's fo sho.

Music listening to: Built to Spill -- Made-up Dreams (perfect triptastic song for a triptastic meal)

Magret de Canard with Orange & Figs In Port Wine Reduction

Magret de Canard with Orange & Figs In Port Wine Reduction

After the Montreal marathon on Sunday, I stopped by Marche Jean Talon for my weekly grocery shopping. I think it was rather amusing to do grocery shopping over 450km away from my home.

I saw some beautiful ground lamb at the butcher Prince Noir. Next to the cash register, they had a sale on magret de canard (duck breast of ducks fattened for foie gras). Of course I couldn't walk away without buying a piece.

I cooked the duck breast in a very classic way. First score the skin and then pan sear in a cast iron pan on medium heat until golden to render out the fat. I spooned out most of the duck fat for another use. I flipped it and roasted in a 400F oven for 8 minutes for medium. While the duck breast was resting, I worked on the sauce.

First, I segment an orange and took some port wine spice poached black mission figs from my pantry. I pour a glug of port wine and squeezed as much orange juice as I could from the membranes. Add a dab of orange fig marmalade and heat it on medium high to reduce to syrup consistency. While the sauce was reducing, I threw in the orange segment and fig pieces to heat them up a bit. Season with salt and pepper.

Finally, I sliced the duck breast and fanned them out on a plate. Spoon the orange and fig pieces next to the meat and drizzle on the port wine reduction.

As fancy as it tasted, this is a very quick meal that was completed in 30 minutes. Perfect for something special on a weeknight.

cooking duck breasts in the oven

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