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"Is there sex in the marital bedroom?" - This question has already defined that generation.

Unfortunately, many answer "no", which is not due to the disappearance of libido, but only the everydayness love comfort, which can destroy even the most passionate feelings.

I think, for anyone not news that African passions may rage for a long Sildenafil Citrate for sale time just for the simple reason that routine habitual environment, poses and other things not conducive to their survival.

Indeed, a sexologist at the receptions, many couples complain that sex is winding down and the passions, which was the first meeting, no more.

And most of them are Sildenafil Citrate viagra afraid that once family sex, having a tendency of becoming a "congress on holidays," and does become an unwelcome guest in the marital bed ...

So what advice to couples who want to keep the passion for years to come? Perhaps only Sildenafil Citrate one thing to experiment!

1. In the power of a kiss

Kiss - is a conversation between two souls. Of course, he can be a fleeting touch of his lips when leaving for work, but it's hardly his best variation is the most ...

Arrange a night kisses - and you'll discover a truly unprecedented verge of sexual relations.

Pat partner with his hands, rub against each other and the bodies ... kissing!

Let each kiss is special. It can be moving, gentle and laid-back, or passionate, long and deep - like a partner drank to the last drop.

Do not let yourself end up with a kiss too soon! Let this magical work will take nothing less than an hour.

Let partner succumbs to the desires and tries to take off your clothes - do not allow. "Torment" him until until you understand that to pull on is simply impossible. Believe me: this evening and this night he will never forget!

2. Hot ice

One of the most innocuous of experiments, which, moreover, will not cost you a penny.

In the molds for ice freeze mineral water. Ice cubes are driving through the body a partner in foreplay.

The most erogenous zone on the right breast can be considered, in particular - the nipples. This concerns not only the beautiful half of humanity - men nipples no less sensitive than women's.

Drive an ice cube around the nipples of his drug sildenafil partner in the solar plexus and inner thighs. Draw pattern pieces of ice on his back and stomach ...

The main thing - do not touch the ice genital partner (and, of course, their own) - is fraught with colds reproductive system.

Especially do not let your partner put an ice cube into the vagina to you - it certainly exacerbates the feelings of a few, but a brief sexual happiness may well no viagra end up in a hospital bed.

3. Accessories passion

People with puritanical views on sex, there are fewer - and it pleases. In sex, as has been said repeatedly, there is nothing forbidden, but because ...

Can strongly recommend to visit a sex shop. For some reason, many people still hesitate to go to the shops for adults - most likely the reason for it - education of parents who grew up in the days when "sex was not."

Sex shop - it's not just dildos of all sizes and colors, which in our time, many are treated with prejudice and the use of which in the sexual game, do not accept.

Sex shop - it's a lot of interesting accessories.

Here you can buy various lubricants, condoms, the most usa drugstore unusual shapes and with very interesting additional properties (for example, vibration or illumination), tips on the penis, edible underwear and much more.

Agree, its "glowing" in the pitch black night, a member (of course, because of the use of special condom) - it's something.

What do you love the game version, in which the partner, leading a trail of kisses to your bosom, gently begins to tear off pieces of the very edible panties, which Sildenafil Citrate pills are also tempting smell of vanilla or strawberry with whipped cream?

Options - a lot. By the way, do not forget that even a joint visit to a store for adults can arouse both the most exciting and daring idea of desire.

4. Change our attitude

Of course, the council rather banal, but the relevance of what is not lost - many couples are so accustomed to nabivshim already on edge poses that simply do not present themselves in a brand name viagra tablets position at the time of copulation. But in vain!

Poses a great many. Of course, you can use the Kama Sutra or watch a disc with a porn video, but if you force under those acrobatics, they are offering.

But most of them can really carry just enough sport partners - by the way, many couples are afraid to try new positions because of fear of looking awkward in front of a partner or seem to be too loose.

You know how the easiest order Sildenafil Citrate way to not only move to a new position, but also to invent an original position that to your pair, perhaps no one applied? One need only step by step!

For example, the missionary position may become a starting point for many interesting experimental postures.

In the usual situation of "top partner" first bend your Sildenafil Citrate purchase knees, after - Head of one of them behind teammate. Then you can try to stand up, leaning on his elbows, or carefully flip over on its side ...

So, in constant transformation of bodies, we can come up with so many things that no Kama Sutra, and never dreamed of!

5. New Roles

Of course, consistency - is commendable, but it too quickly is becoming a routine and slowly take away the sex notes of passion.

You, for example, always gentle, he does not expect that behavior from you, and the movements gradually become automatic - here he kissed, stroked out there ...

What would happen if one day in his bed, he discovers the woman does not malleable, each bend of the body that remembers by heart and therefore does not cause the former interest, as, for example, a fierce tigress who can not only gentle purring kitten, but dig claws in back when she was something not to their liking?

Of course, it is difficult to move away from stereotypical behavior and do it myself in bed is not so simple.

It may be advisable to be transformed and externally - for example, buy a special night of passion for a wig, make a bright make-up or even get dressed at the outfit that will match your new role.

The main thing - remember viagra cialis that a lot of roles. It is not necessary to "play" to the doctor and patient, teacher and student nashkodivshego.

Think about it: what is the image excites you? Individuality - a guarantee that you will feel as comfortable as possible.

So who do you dream to become for him?

Perhaps Aphrodite Sildenafil Citrate and Vardnenafil emerging from the sea foam, or a woman-snake -
fascinating and plastic? Be creative!

6. The razor's edge

When the sex creep patterns and dies, they are sure to be rid of.

Of course, do it at home, reclining on a bed (unless it is also not the first year is a testament to your love comfort), is almost impossible.

But what if you try to change the situation? Of course, this does not mean you have to act drastically and try to have sex in a toilet restaurant, although the dream - one of the most popular among men.

Try small - after all, your apartment is not only a bedroom but kitchen, bathroom ... If all of this - passed stage, which is no longer impressive, outside his apartment would have to leave.

Sex in nature - at least popular Sildenafil Citrate option. Of course, it is now quite cold and therefore not all will find this option acceptable, if only because that health should be protected.

Inexhaustible palette of passion Sildenafil Citrate 25mg can be obtained at the hotel. Remove the room for the night - and bring pleasure, imagining that you - a recently formed pair, or meet in secret.

An excellent choice would be a good friend of flat or girlfriend, which will hardly give you such a trifle.

You can, of course, to have sex in the car or even at the entrance - if it's you, of course, allows mutual emancipation.

You can even try to retreat to the bathroom in the apartment of friends during the festivities and Sildenafil Citrate Pfizer Viagra indulge in passion - "walking the razor's edge" is able to excite anyone.

Just remember that your passion should not spoil the mood of the other guests.

7. On the waves of orgasm

Of course, in our time, have partners who are thinking in terms of sex is quite conservative.

In such pairs the question of how to vary the sex - is taboo, because each "step right, step left" almost equal to promiscuity.

Or, if the partners are discount Sildenafil Citrate quite liberated, it may be even more acute situation, starting with the question "Where did you learn this (Xia)?".

But no questions, perhaps, for which our site could not find a solution - even if a compromise or one that will not be obvious.

The most basic, that it may be advisable for those who are not going to radically change anything - to buy a hammock or just a water mattress. For people who can advise bolder sex swing.

If we talk about the waterbed, it is - a fairly simple solution that Sildenafil Citrate tablets opens new chapter of your sex life couples.

Just imagine: a water mattress does not allow partners as carefully record the movement as a regular or pillowtop.

He dictates its own laws of gravity sex, but because even the most familiar postures will be quite unusual and will bring you a range of new experiences.

8. Exciting charades

As you know, when a man "working" member - refuses to think the brain. And this is - a great opportunity to experiment. For example, in the midst of sexual pleasures ask your partner ... play in the city.

The meaning of this idea is to push the peak moment of pleasure.

Arrange in a moment of reflection Soft Viagra and following the word "die", but in the following manner: when a man thinks, he should stop thrusting (you can and should continue to move), and when his turn to call your floor, squeeze the muscles of the vagina (a man and it should continue to perform frictions).

I assure you, the pleasure is simply fantastic. Not only can you increase the duration of sexual intercourse - the alternation of activity partners will enhance the pleasurable sensations and involuntary brain activity buy Sildenafil Citrate online and even lead to better memory!

At the same time after having sex is something to remember: the passion play when trying to "trick" the partner to continue its own motion, you can head and share the names of cities such that in that situation would be and blush of their absurdity and vulgarity.

And now, lying in bed with someone brand viagra Sildenafil Citrate you love, you can even laugh at them - and because nothing brings, as a response to a smile.
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