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Flexible Bumper Repair. Xp Pro Repair Install. Xbox 360 Game Disc Repair.

Flexible Bumper Repair

flexible bumper repair

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Bumper 101: Whammy!

Bumper 101: Whammy!

Spraying flexible primer over the existing paint on this bumper caused several locations to orange-peel badly. I tried zip-stripping those areas only (did not have enough primer to do the whole part over again) and that revealed the problem - the areas that wrinkled were never sanded - at all! The plastic must be rough for good adhesion, and the previous repair missed some spots.

After screwing with this for several days, running out of flexible primer, and sanding all the nooks and crannies by hand, I became frustrated here and broke out the sand-blaster and ablated the problem areas as can be seen. Tomorrow I'll smooth it all out and apply some 2-part primer, then maybe this project can get finished sometime soon.



Dallan siendo flexible en el campus :P Tomada con el celular...pero me gusto.

flexible bumper repair

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