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Prosinac 2011 (18)

12.12.2011., ponedjeljak


Hotel metropole nice. Quality inn finger lakes region. Hotel post wien.

Hotel Metropole Nice

hotel metropole nice

    hotel metropole
  • Hotel Metropol or Metropole may refer to: *Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi *Hotel Metropole, Leeds *Hotel Metropole, Brussels *Hotel Metropole, Vienna *Hotel Metropol (Moscow) *Metropol Hotel Belgrade *Metropole Hotel, London *Metropol Hotel, Melbourne

  • The Hotel Metropole was the first hotel in New York City that had running water in every room. Located at 147 West 43rd Street just off Times Square, the hotel had a list of notable residents including Nick Arnstein and Western lawman turned sports writer Bat Masterson.

  • a city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean; the leading resort on the French Riviera

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Porsche Gemballa 911 + Ferrari 458

Porsche Gemballa 911 + Ferrari 458

Porsche Gemballa 911 + Ferrari 458 Italia, parked outside the Hotel "Le Metropole". Little parking space, but great supercars: near these two there was another 458 and a black SLR McLaren!

Comments are welcome!!!

my hotel in London

my hotel in London

Nice hotel, the other Hiltons in London were much more expensive. This is right near the Edgeware Road Tube stop, which is on the Circle Line, which takes you to all the really important tourist place along the Thames

hotel metropole nice

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