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The «Bottles of Hope» project

The idea for the very project and its concept originated from the USA, started by Diane Gregoire, a polymer clay artist and a cancer survivor. She used polymer clay for decorating small glass medicine bottles and distributed them to patients as a symbol of thoughtfulness and hope.

We entered this project spontaneously at the beginning of this year, and the date for distributing the bottles was set on February 15, 2008, the Croatian National Child Cancer Day. The bottles are decorated with polymer clay (Sculpey®, FIMO® and PREMO®), in colourful, interesting designs and patterns, and each bottle also contains a small paper tag with a message of hope for the child.

Until this day, several workshops have been held in following towns: Samobor, Trogir, Makarska, Pitomača, Split, Zagreb, Knin and Brela, but new ones have also been announced for Šibenik, Bjelovar, Rijeka and Osijek. Of course, beside at various workshops, we also make the bottles individually.

The bottles will be distributed on February 15, 2008 on the Oncology Departments at hospitals in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek.

Please, visit our blog at: bocicenade.blog.hr to see the pictures of some of the bottles we have made so far.

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"Bottles of hope" are recycled medicine bottles, decorated with polymer clay in cheerful and interesting colours and given to cancer or leukemia patients as a sign of care and a symbol of hope. Each bottle is unique and a small work of art. Inside it is a small paper tag with a message of hope for each person that receives the bottle.

We started this project in the beginning of 2007. This way we wanted to cheer up our little angles whose childhood has been interupted by this vicious illness. We thought appropriate to give the bottles to the children on 15th February 2008, which is a day dedicated to children cancer patients in Croatia. The bottles will be distributed in all the major cities: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek.

On these pages you can follow our progress, read the news about the project, meet the people that make it all possible.... You can ask questions, leave comments, or join the project if you want and make a bottle or two, to make an angel smile....



Project Coordinators:

Continental Croatia:
Ivana Tomašević, Bjelovar

Azra Mehmedović, Split

Blaženka Pošta

Blog Editors:

Azra Mehmedović
Ana Novak
Milica Bolanča
Ivana Tomašević
Dantea Krnčević


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