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Computer Repair Price List

computer repair price list

    computer repair
  • A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician's responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining computer networks.

  • Flash drives enjoy notable success in the PC repair field as a means to transfer recovery and antivirus software to infected PCs, while allowing a portion of the host machine's data to be archived in case of emergency.

    price list
  • (Price lists) Lists of all buyers, sellers and sales prices issued by the JSE at specific times during the day. These constitute the official records of prices.

  • An itemized list of funeral goods and services.

  • A list of current prices of items on sale

  • a listing of prices for different goods or services



So many problems and things going on right now. I don't have time to explain my whole macbook situation so I'll just paste what I posted on facebook lol.

so my macbook is out of commission. my entire life is upside down now.. just a really bad time with all my photo stuff going on.
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the nearest actual Apple store is about 2 hours from here so I called Apple and the long story short is I took it to a certified repair shop about 70 minutes away. There is a known problem with the particular graphics card in mine so if it fits a certain specification I can get it repaired free...but they have to scan it and they won't get around to JUST scanning it until tomorrow or the day after. If I don't qualify then i am looking at just a new macbook because the repair will be so high.
Yesterday at 6:13pm ·

I have an external drive specifically for my macbook internal hardrive that I back up to most nights but I didn't last night so I lost one day of work. My actual hard drive in my macbook could still be okay but I wasn't able to get the files off before and they didn't have "time" to do it at the place I took it to. So I'm basically without my primary gateway to my life for who knows when...which is actually really sad lol. This just interrupts my normal workflow and I have a lot of projects and stuff going on.
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NOW: They still haven't touched my MAD I need some kind of timeline

I have a deadline for 8 images this Friday (which won't happen lol) and 2 artist statements due on Thursday and Friday as well as titles and price list for one of my shows. St. Louis class trip and group show next week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

shot from atop a ladder
Strobist: Vivitar 285hv through umbrella - camera right
Vivitar 285hv through umbrella - camera left

computer repair price list

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