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Studeni 2011 (17)


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10.11.2011., četvrtak


Kids cooking competitions : Cooking substitute white wine : James street cooking school brisbane

Kids Cooking Competitions

kids cooking competitions

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  • (competition) contest: an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants

  • (competition) the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"

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ISO : 200
Focal : 55mm
Aperture : 5.6
Exposure : 1/60
Focus : Manual

It was the scout cooking competition this morning. I was taking photos for it (My first try shooting in full manual mode) - I'm not going to upload any more for obvious reasons (child protection etc), but this one's of Joe.

This photo was candid...and then he looked up as soon as I pressed the trigger.

Joe's a great Scout Leader in our district, even though he's probably the oldest he still finds a way to make it interesting and relevant to the kids. It'll be a sorry day when he retires.

Kitchen Juniors

Kitchen Juniors

I got bored and made this. It's like Hell's Kitchen but with kids cooking against each other for their cafeteria, with Gordon Ramsay yelling at their arses.

"12 kids, 1 very mean chef"

kids cooking competitions

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