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Pillsbury Cookie Dough Coupon

pillsbury cookie dough coupon

    cookie dough
  • Cookie dough refers to a blend of cookie ingredients which has been mixed into a malleable form which has not yet been hardened by heat. The dough is often then separated and the portions baked to individual cookies, or eaten as is.

  • a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

  • a test sample of some substance

  • In marketing a coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Customarily, coupons are issued by manufacturers of consumer packaged goods or by retailers, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions.

  • A detachable portion of a bond that is given up in return for a payment of interest

  • A form in a newspaper or magazine that may be filled in and sent as an application for a purchase or information

  • A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product

Copps - 2/24/10

Copps - 2/24/10

Transaction #1

Campbell's Tomato Soup: $0.80
(2) Pace Picante Salsas @ $2.29: $4.58 - $4 MC = $0.58
Simply Lemonade: $2.45
Sea Cuisine crusted Tilapia: $5.99 - $1 MC doubled = $3.99
(3) Dannon Light & Fit yogurt @ $0.50: $1.50 - $1 MC doubled = -$0.50
(3) Dannon Light & Fit yogurt @ $0.63: $1.89
(4) Pillsbury cookie dough @ $2: $8 - (2) $1/2 MC doubled = $4
(2) Kraft singles @ $2: $4
$0.05 discount for re-usable bag

TOTAL: $17.16

Cookie Dough Cupcake - 1

Cookie Dough Cupcake - 1

Swirly! Reminds me of soft-serve ice cream...cept a little more mixed.

These cupcakes are a dark chocolate cake with a gooey cookie dough center. The frosting is a mix between white frosting and chocolate!

pillsbury cookie dough coupon

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