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Buy cheap flower. Dry hibiscus flower. 4 petal flowers.

Buy Cheap Flower

buy cheap flower

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buy cheap flower - Spaced Flowers

Spaced Flowers Bank Checks

Spaced Flowers Bank Checks

Pastel Flower Checks - These professionally drawn flower personal checks are mini works of art! Beautiful pastel colors in four fun personal check designs, these make for a great addition to everyone's collection! Unique and eye catching, these blossoming, girlie personal checks are perfect! Matching address labels and coordinating accessories available. Deposit slips and a personal check register are provided with each order of personal checks. Please note: Check images on this site are brightened to make viewing easier; however, the actual printed check is printed to meet US banking requirements and will be lighter than shown.

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Cheap Flowers (365/27)

Cheap Flowers (365/27)

It's raining today, so I bought a cheap bunch of flowers from Tesco to photograph instead.

Unfortunately, I'm not good at arrangements, and apparently I'm completely out of practise photographing bunches of flowers too.

Oh well, will try again tomorrow and take more care with set up and lighting.

Flower Portrait #1

Flower Portrait #1

At Trader Joe's yesterday, I couldn't resist buying the cheapest flower arrangement they had to offer. Then, on my way out, my checker surprised me by wishing me a happy first day of spring. I must have felt it in my bones. Here are some of the flowers...

buy cheap flower

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