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Western Holiday Photo Cards - Free Funny Photo Editing - Freeware Photo Collage Software.

Western Holiday Photo Cards

western holiday photo cards

    photo cards
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  • (of a wind) Blowing from the west

  • Living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S

  • a sandwich made from a western omelet

  • Situated in the west, or directed toward or facing the west

  • relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; "the Western world"; "Western thought"; "Western thought"

  • a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development

  • Characteristic of a holiday; festive

  • A vacation

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Contact Information:

Mr. Albert Kenyani Inima
Department of Environmental and Bio-Systems Engineering


•A proven track record of over twenty years of water engineering training at both undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels .

•Proven track record of doing consultancy projects with the Government and international organizations, such as the United Nations Development Programme, on schedule and on tight budgets.

•An ability to work in multi-disciplinary projects.

•Excellent project report writing skills, and a professional attitude to managing projects independently or as a team member.

•Thoroughly skilled in professional project management methodologies including Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK), Projects in Controlled Environments(PRINCE) and Method 123 Project Management

•Expert in hydrological data analysis including both stochastic and deterministic data modelling.

•Extensive experience of working as a consultant grant writer and project evaluator for many Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs)

•Stickler to professionalism and work ethic

•Knowledgeable in all major aspects of environmental engineering


a) University of Nairobi (1987 to date)

Work as a Lecturer at the Department of Environmental and Bio-Systems Engineering

Courses taught:

•GIS Project Management (MSc course).

•Planning and development of water resource projects (MSc course).

•Water and waste water treatment (MSc course).

•Waste management (MSc course).

•Hydrology (MSc course).

•Rural water supply (MSc course).

. Fluid mechanics (MSc course)

•Design of waste management systems (BSc course).

•Environmental engineering (BSc course).

.Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (BSc Course)

Materials and surveying (BSc service course)

Structures and materials (BSc service course)

Workshop techniques (BSc service course)

Introduction to engineering (BSc course)

Mechanical design (BSc course)

•Supervised 4 MSc thesis.

•Involved in coordination of student work experience, workshop practice, educational tours and industrial attachment.

•Supervised over 80 BSc final design projects

•Taken 6 week training on remote sensing in Sweden.

•Represented the university at conferences and workshops.

•Taken short course on climate change

•Done many other duties as assigned by my employer

b) Ministry of Agriculture (2007 to 2008)

•Did a project evaluation consultancy to evaluate the performance of water retention structures in Kitui District

•Wrote an e-book titled “Rainwater Engineering”

c) Ministry of Environment (2000 to 2002)

•Team leader on project to inventory the emissions of Green House Gases (GHGs) from the agriculutural sector of Kenya

•Work formed the official first report of the government of Kenya to the Uniteds Nations

•Work was prepared into a book publication

Author's work cited by NEPAD

d) Ministry of Research (1995 to 1998)

•Team leader on a major project (20 000 000/=) to model the impact of climate change on the water resources of Kenya sponsored by the American Government called the US Country Studies Program

•The studied was extensively cited in a book

e) Ministry of Agriculture (1998)

•Conducted a short course on rainfall data analysis for design engineers in the ministry

f) Institute of Meteorological Research and Training (1997 to 1999)

•Part-time lecturer on an international postgraduate course on hydrological modelling

g) Grants for Information Access in Developing Countries (2004)

•Team leader on this major project funded by Engineering Information Foundation. Worked in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University and Multinational Fund For Development Aid (MUDA)

•Donated computers worth 1 400 000/ = to the School of Engineering, University of Nairobi

h) Department for International Development (DfID)

Team member on the project to study the barriers to research uptake by small scale farmers

i) Drought pattern modelling

. Sponsored by the University of Nairobi (Deans' Committee) to carry a drought modelling study on Kenya

j) Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation Engineer in charge of construction and operation of irrigation schemes in Isiolo District (1984 to 1985)

•Undertook engineering surveys

•Did material cost estimations and procurement

•Supervised the construction of a new irrigation scheme

•Supervised the farming operations

k)National Cereals and Produce Board, Nakuru and Eldoret, 1983.

•Student intern

•Undertook grain storage operations

•Bulk grain storage

•Grain drying operations

l) Mathematics and Physics Teacher (1980 and again 1982)

•Fourth form teacher at Kivagala High School

•Form two teacher at Kivaywa Secondary School


a)Mainstreaming of HIV/Aids in Engineering Curriculum

Represented the University of nairobi at this UNESCO workshop

b)Nairobi Community Foundation (NACOF) (2004 to date)

•Member of the Board of Directors

c) Communi

Long Road Trip

Long Road Trip

My hubby and I went on a really long holiday years ago in the western part of the US. I think it was the best holiday we ever had. We visited lots of National Parks and cities so there was lots of driving involved. I took this photo near Monument Valley. It's supposed to be where Forrest Gump decided to stop running.

I like the Irish expression "Two shorten the road", as it's so true that good company really makes a journey fly by. I thought this photo would go with the saying so I printed the sentiment from the computer. Inside the card I added "..and I'm so glad I share the journey with you" which could apply to our holiday or life in general - sorry I should have given a major soppy alert! This is my first attempt at distressing and I’m not sure if it worked. Distressing can be distressing!

western holiday photo cards

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