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Fashion Bed Group Oscar

fashion bed group oscar

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fashion bed group oscar - California King

California King Bed with Frame - Oscar Transitional Design in Matte Black Finish

California King Bed with Frame - Oscar Transitional Design in Matte Black Finish

Dimension: 89"W x 77 1/4"D x 52"H
Color: Matte Black
Material: Metal w/ 4 Step Process
California King Bed with Frame - Oscar Transitional Design in Matte Black Finish
This Oscar bed*s iron frame curves breathlessly around, as cast scalloped edges embrace the four corners.
Spindles stand in line along the arched 52" headboard and 36 1/4"footboard.
A cast fleur-de-lis pattern marches across the bottom of the spindles while an etched leaf design dances across the top.
The feet are solidly grounded with carved castings.
This simple bed is a true showstopper*a classic for years to come.
Matte Black is a midnight finish of a black matte patina - A one step powder coat that is durable and maintenance free for many years of carefree use.
Purchase includes headboard, footboard and bed frame only.
Assembly required.
Item is made in China.

80% (6)

Group Shot!

Group Shot!

Group shot on the roof top of our hotel... in the reflection of a metal ball that was on the railing.
Luxor, Egypt

Festival of Lights Group

Festival of Lights Group

Group shot from the December 18, 2010 photowalk at the Mormon Temple Festival of Lights

fashion bed group oscar

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