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Body Pump 62. Electronic Fuel Pump. Suede Ballet Pumps.

Body Pump 62

body pump 62

    body pump
  • BodyPump is a weight-based group-fitness program, created and distributed globally by Les Mills International. Created in 1991 by Phillip Mills, it is now found in over 70 countries and 10,000 health-clubs and gyms worldwide.

  • Country Code: +62 International Call Prefix: 00x or 01xxx (VoIP)

  • sixty-two: being two more than sixty

  • Year 62 (LXII) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Diabetes 365 Day 62 - 121107

Diabetes 365 Day 62 - 121107

The top case is where my main meter should be. I was feeling a little weird as I was walking to the bus stop to come home from work tonight. When I got on the bus I pulled out my meter to check, but the case was empty. I know I had the kit on my desk at work and I'm guessing the meter slid out when I picked up the case, but I think I would have noticed that. It wasn't a big deal because I had my backup meter in my bag. At first I thought it was silly to have two meters in my bag all the time but I've had to use my backup a bunch of times, especially the last two weeks for some reason. I've been leaving my main meter on the kitchen table or my desk at work, but I've always left the whole kit behind. The meter itself has never gone missing until now.

I thought I felt low but was actually high, 189. This is why I always test and never trust my body.

I paid for my original UltraSmart because I could not get Lifescan to send me a free one when they came out. I found the best price online and I did get most of my money back through the rebate + trade in, but it always annoyed me that they wouldn't send me a freebie after I'd been a customer for years.

I did get a free UltraSmart from them sometime this year. I think they offered it to Minimed pump users when BD announced they would no longer be making meters.

Some meters, like the UltraSmart, can cost quite a bit if you actually have to buy one but you can get most of the money back by filling out a rebate form and sending them an old BG meter. In the days when meter companies actually included some strips with each meter many people would buy meters often just to get the 10-25 test strips. You could get all of your money back through the rebate/trade in. I'm guessing that's why you rarely get any strips with meters now.

Day 62 - First time plasma donator

Day 62 - First time plasma donator

I had the very interesting experience today of donating blood plasma for the first time ever today.

It is a very interesting process that they use to draw the blood and separate the plasma out of it, ultimately returning the blood right back to your body through the same tube that they drew it out with. You repeat this process 5-7 times for about an hour, until the correct amount of plasma has been drawn.

Then, when it is all done, they take a bag of saline solution and pump it back into your arm so that you don't get too dehydrated (because plasma is mainly water). It's pretty crazy because the saline is room temp, so when they put it back in your body; your arm gets CRAZY cold. It just kept getting colder and colder. I was kinda stressed that it was going to get brutally painfully cold; but fortunately, it never got that bad and I "survived"!!

And then when you are completely finished, they give you a 20 dollar prepaid cash card to reimburse you for your time. The entire process endd up taking about 1-1.5 hours, so I don't think they would really get a lot of people if there wasn't some sort of cash reimbursement. I am planning to do this pretty regularly over the next couple months, as I am trying to save up money for a new camera.

Amazingly, the nurse told me that they will process through about 400 or so people on a "medium" busy day; which is just a ton of people and a lot of plasma! From what I hear, it takes a whole lot of plasma to make the various medical treatments that they use the plasm for; so that is why they need to draw so much plasma each day. So even though I am making a little money on the side, it also feels good to be helping people out by providing plasma that they need to make various medicines and medical treatments.

body pump 62

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