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Cooking Accessories Stores

cooking accessories stores

  • (accessory) accessary: aiding and abetting in a crime; "he was charged with being accessory to the crime"

  • A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive

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305/365- For Kwong, for our 12th Anniversary.

305/365- For Kwong, for our 12th Anniversary.

Kwong and I met on Halloween in 1998. We went to different Uni's in Bath, mine was the pretty one. I studied Art, he studied Architecture then Physics.

Then a fateful night, Halloween after a shift in Boots, and wearing my unattractive uniform I went to an underground club in Bath called Ts. Bath has many tunnels and catacombs and Ts used these under a bridge. It sounds cool but trust me the club is sticky and pants. Ok so there I was on the dancefloor doing a Pen, I look up, (no it wasn't love at first sight!) and I see a Chinese dude with the reddest face jumping up and down on the dancefloor (He goes bright red with alcohol!) grinning, and I laughed.

Now we both tell the story at this point very differently. I was laughing at the sight, Kwong says I was smiling at him. Then I dropped my beer, mumbling things children shouldn't hear, (I was broke at Uni), I walked to the bar, lit a cigarette and moaned at myself. Kwong then makes the smooth moves. Smooth ermmm...sadly not. "I'll buy you a drink, for a cigarette". How could a girl refuse?! Good deal I thought. (No I don't smoke anymore,'99 I quit!)

You see to Kwong, now I know him it made sense. He'll never pay more for anything and in clubs you paid more for 16 cigarettes than for 20 in store. Oh yes Kwong is the King Of Buy One Get One Free's and Special Offers!

At the end of the Halloween night and chatting, Kwong reveals to me that he thought that I had come dressed as a nurse! Nope just the Boots uniform. Leaving the club we both spied a girl who had lost her coat, Kwong and I both helped her look, I knew he was a good guy, not many young men would do that. Kwong is like that, as am I, were always the ones to stop and help anyone or any animal (He came home with a poorly rabbit once he found and a dog another time!). We spoke on the phone the next day and our first date was very romantic.......ahhhh the memories......he took me to Halfords!!!!! (Car accessory store)

Who knew that 12 years down the line from All Hallows' Eve '98 we would still be together, have Wren and tons of memories. Kwong's not a man of surprises, romance, gifts, but I know he'll always be there for me, makes me laugh, though mainly unintentional, is caring and sweet, plus many things, like making me tea in bed every morning, cooking when I can't be bothered after work and indulging me, plus a man that supports me while letting me have freedom and never asks for anything. ( I also like his bum)

Kwong helped me adopt Nixie which is a big thing as Kwong's not one for gifts or anything that isn't practical, yet when I ask for something that he knows I really do want he's amazing. She's wearing my wedding ring in her hair, it was made in 1910 and this year is 100 years old. My wedding band is from 1849, both rings full of memories of past and mine, many more to come.

For Kwong Cheung.

My Desktop

My Desktop


It's here..
first impression: AWESOME!!!
Pros: totally worth the price... gorgeous ... light and thin... extremely fast ... very user friendly ... helping current economy with this purchase :D
Cons: didn't come with any accessory for its price... well beside the micro fiber piece of cloth for cleaning :)

omg: did i mention the trackpad (touchpad) is the best thing that's ever invented for laptop.. why didn't they came up with something like this before.. PC needs to get into this now..!!!

cooking accessories stores

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