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Boat Trailer Tire Sizes - National Tire And Battery Austin Tx - Canadian Tire Apply Online.

Boat Trailer Tire Sizes

boat trailer tire sizes

Ure Creek

Ure Creek

The Time We Tried to Kill our Buddy Russell by Throwing him a Stag

Our good friend Russell was getting married and we wanted to throw him a stag. Now Pemberton isnot a big town and there's not what you would call a lot of hot nightlife so our idea of a hot stag is a night out in the bush camping.

We decided we’d get a bunch of friends together and go on a little camping excursion down the other side of Lillooet Lake on a bit of a fan where Ure Creek flows into the lake.

Plans were made, lists written up, assignments given, and on the day of the happy event we were ready. Pete and I were going to shuttle as much stuff over as we could during the day as we were going to be there Friday night and Saturday morning and neither Pete nor I had to work that Friday.

Pete went flying down in Squamish that morning (he’s in pilot training school) and he was a little late getting to my house. We weren’t too worried though – there was lots of time. We collected a bunch of stuff (and I mean a bunch – the back of his full size Dodge pick up was full) and headed to our search and rescue base to get a boat. Perhaps our first mistake was that we decided to take our 11 foot zodiac instead of our much bigger rescue boat. The bigger boat needed a put-in that we weren’t sure we had enough time to get to. We could throw the zodiac in anywhere – and even if it took a few trips we thought we’d still save time.

We drove down to the north end of Lillooet Lake and parked on this spit that juts into the lake. We loaded up our little rubber boat and headed out. The two or three kilometer trip to Ure Creek didn’t seem to take that long. We unloaded the boat and headed back for the next load.

Perhaps we were fooled by how easy the first load had been. We decided to try and save ourselves one trip and stuffed everything we had left into the zodiac. This meant when we reversed off the spit the 11 foot zodiac contained a generator, a big bar b q, a whole lot of food and beer, a bunch of gear, and two adults. As we rounded the point we realized the wind had picked up. The increased wind meant the waves had also picked up. Unfortunately the bow of the boat was too heavy to come up and the waves were washing right over the front and into the boat. We realized there was no chance we were going to get all the way across the lake to our campsite.

The generator is under the two tables

We landed at the fish camp at the north end of the lake and unloaded about half the stuff we had in the zodiac. Our plan was to drop what we had remaining in the boat and then return for the rest. Pete lost one of his sandals during this side-trip.

The weather was freshening as we motored across the lake. We were meeting the waves at a 45 degree angle which made for an uncomfortable trip. We continued to take on water too but enthusiastic bailing seemed to keep us relatively dry. Some of the food got wet and as I was trying to rescue a full box of wet pancake mix it exploded in my hand showering us and everything in the boat with wet aunt jemima. We couldn’t help but laugh although it wasn’t quite as funny as the stuff dried into a rock hard mess covering virtually everying – including us.

We landed and unloaded the boat and washed the cement like pancake mix off what we could. Then we noticed that the wind and waves had continued to come up. We were stranded – we didn’t think we could head back out onto the lake again even in an empty boat.

We called Laura, Russ’s best man, and asked her to get in touch with Russell and tell him to get his Dad’s jet boat. A bigger boat was the only way anyone else was going to get to the party. By now (it was after 5) there was a crew of people waiting on the spit with more gear.

Pete and I carried all kinds of heavy stuff up to the camping site. Did I mention the first time across we towed a canoe full of about 500 pounds of steel tent poles? Pete had borrowed the fire department tent/shelter so we could camp in a suitably stylish fashion. This was a stag after all – not your normal camping trip…if I said we had a ton of stuff I wouldn’t be lying…

After quite a while we finally saw Russell and the jet boat. Then the boat disappeared into a cove north of us. Soon after Russell got on the radio and informed us that he was having trouble – the engine had quit. It was just starting to get dark.

What Pete and I didn’t know at the time was that Russell had already overcome other setbacks on his way to drifting powerless on the lake. While he was launching his Dad’s boat his truck popped out of gear and rolled backwards. It rolled far enough backwards so that the trailer tires had come off the boat ramp. After the boat was in the water he pulled forward and ripped the axle right off the trailer. The axle was now somewhere in the Lillooet River. Then when he went to the fish camp he had a bit of a blow up with one of the guys there – they are pretty protective of their territory an

Dear nice folks at Timbuk2,

I am glad to see that you are coming up on your twentieth anniversary this year, and I wanted to share with you a story about one of my several Timbuk2 bags.

About a year ago to the day, I got a Timbuk2 LEX bag. At the time, I was both excited about it, and regretful about it. Until this time, I had used the same Timbuk2 DeeDog that I got in about 1993. It was a signature item for me, going with me nearly everywhere, carrying my odd bits, and sparking many conversations over the fifteen odd years that I'd had it. While it was still in great shape despite being used nearly every day, I had begun to find myself wanting a backpack on occasion for heavier loads and slightly different bag proportions for sizing. But I was reluctant to give up a bag which still worked great, which many people identified as being mine, and which had so many great memories and stories. In the end, I reasoned that I could still use the bag, and that I would just have more purposed bags for given tasks. I knew that I wanted custom colors and spacious interior, so I ordered a LEX Pack in large using the Build Your Own Bag feature on your website. About a week later, my LEX arrived with the lovely "new bag smell". I was still reluctant to give up on my trusty DeeDog, but I was excited about my new bag as well. As the week rolled around, the bike club ride came due, and the LEX got it's maiden voyage. As a professional bike mechanic, I have always packed a lot more than most people for the club rides or even daily riding so that I could be assured that I would have the tools needed to make most repairs in the event of a flat tyre, broken chain, squeaking brake, loose headset, inclement weather, bourbon refueling, or need to transcribe some brilliant idea, or reminder to accomplish something or meet someone later. I transferred the total contents of my DeeDog to my new LEX, adjusted the straps, mounted up, and rode off into the evening for some beer and bourbon fueled fun with the bike club. While successful, it was not until September that I really fully appreciated the LEX.

Come September, I was two months out from a vicious accident in which I was hit from behind by a passing boat trailer while riding home from the bike club ride, and getting ready to fly to Bali to meet up with my wife who had been there since the day before I got hit, and who had found out she was pregnant just two weeks after I was hit with our first child. It was an eventful summer. Anyway, it was also my first trip since I had gotten the LEX, and I was excited about using it for some international traveling, but more excited about seeing my wife. I packed my bags for a ten day trip in Bali, and used the LEX as my "bag I cannot live without". It would be with me every hour of the day for the next dozen days, and it was going to carry everything that I could not live without. It was also the first time that I really loaded it up with anything more than a few tools, tubes, and a sixer of quality IPA. After arriving at SEATAC, checking my non-Timbuk2 bag, and getting through the TSA checkpoint without incident, I was already totally enamored with how much I liked the LEX for traveling, but it wasn't until I was across the Pacific, in a cab from Denpasar to Ubud about 22 hours later that I realized how little I minded the LEX, and how much stuff was in it. Over the next eleven days, it was the workhorse for carrying everything my wife and I needed as we enjoyed all the local sites in Bali. Since returning, I have found myself using the LEX as my everyday bag due to the comfort of two straps in my daily bike commute, and other random adventuring, including being the bag I packed for the birth of my daughter.

Thanks again for my fifteen plus years of quality product use, customer service, and carrying about all my shit though car accidents, and adventures, planned and unplanned alike!


boat trailer tire sizes

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