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Peri Drapes

peri drapes

  • Adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth

  • (drape) arrange in a particular way; "drape a cloth"

  • Let (oneself or a part of one's body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way

  • (drape) the manner in which fabric hangs or falls; "she adjusted the drape of her skirt"

  • Arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something

  • (drape) curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

  • a beautiful and graceful girl

  • (Persian folklore) a supernatural being descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is done

  • PERI is a German company that produces formwork and scaffolding systems. The company's headquarters are located in Wei?enhorn, Germany, and it employs 5,300 people, of which 850 are engineers (as of 2009).

  • (in Persian mythology) A mythical superhuman being, originally represented as evil but subsequently as a good or graceful genie or fairy



my earphones to drone out the noise. I decorated them. Maybe I'll crochet some colourful thingy for them one day :)

I have sensory issues aka I worn down my adrenals by having my body in a permanent alarmed state for 30+ years. Fight or Flight will deplete the body.
This stems from being sensory defensive which means my body picks up on everything a 'normal' person processes as not-threatening. My body perceives minute sounds and smells and deems everything to be a threat (sound, smell, clothing tags). It acts accordingly.

After getting ill I changed gears. Did lot of study. And now I am on the mend.

books/doctors I found helpfull are:
- Adrenal Fatigue by dr. Wilson
- What your doctor may not tell you about peri-menopause
- Teveel mens, te weinig dier
- Homo Optimus by Kwasniewski
- dr. Hertoghe, endocrinoloog in Brussels
- dr. Soeters, internist at AMC
- dr. Smulders, homeopathic GP in Den Bosch
- The Cell, a nanomolecular approach
- hyperlipid, the
- bloodsugar book by dr. Bernstein

and the fields of osteopathy, general biology of the human body, fat digestion and its myths, digestive tract, hormonal imbalance, sensory defesive, Aspergers, blood sugar, brain chemistry, blood pressure .

my cure consists of:
- retreating from the city into nature
- backing away from toxic MIL
- monitoring constant bloodsugar and eating accordingly which turns out to be a ketogenic diet which in turn normalises brain chemistry
- vit D because I'm in Northern Europe, fully clothed
- vit C + salt to aid the adrenals
- having a little lie down at noon
- supplementing progesterone defficiency
- using only body identical hormones aka not the birth control pill
- using physiological doses (not more than a human body makes in one day)
- having hydrocortisone at hand for emergencies
- wearing earplugs or earphones 20/24 for peace and quiet
- using valerian to take the edge off when participating in urban life
- draping myself in wool by means of a natural hug
- keeping my feet warm
- lightly oiling my feet after washing (resealing the skin so fungus and bad bacteria stand no chance)
- keeping my head warm
- wearing socks to bed (and a hat)
- sleep under 3 heavy blankets in a cold room
- take full body showers only every other day since showering fatigues me particularly. (I don't know why but I do not argue with my body any more.)
- use no soap when showering to keep the skin protected.
- use a non-sorbitol toothpaste (sorbitol gives me a sugar rush I can do without)
- started knitting as a meditative occupation which can be done in any circumstance that may be overwhelming otherwise. The tactile, repetative movement is good for the nervous system.
- and some more things such as a spiritual baken, a gratitude journal when I feel like it and marking the calendar every day with a smiley to record my moods. All these things help to look back at when in a low mood.

Enthroned Couple

Enthroned Couple

Enthroned Couple
Roman, Late Republican, ca. 50-40 B.C.
From the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, Main Reception Hall

This fresco panel from Boscoreale depicts a man and woman seated side by side. To the right is the heroic figure of a semi-nude man lounging on an elaborate, gilded chair. A dark-colored himation is loosely draped across his loins. Unfortunately, damage to the fresco has obliterated the upper part of the man's head, which was turned in profile toward the woman seated to his right. He rests his hands on a short gilded staff firmly set on the ground in front of him. Most likely this is a scepter, an ancient symbol of regal power that was also an attribute of Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods. For Hellenistic dynasts, the scepter retained a strong meaning of justice. The late third-century B.C. philosopher Theophrastus advised that 'the true king should rule by the scepter and not the spear" (Peri basileias II).

To the left is a seated woman wearing a chiton and a himation that is drawn up over the back of her head. She rests her feet on a gilded footstool, and leans her chin on her hand in a gesture of reflection. Based on stylistic comparisons with other works of art, it has been sested that the seated figures represent Achilles and his mother Thetis. For the spectator in antiquity, the woman's melancholy countenance and the gesture with her right hand may have been read as expressions of Thetis' concern or grief at the fate of her only son. More recently, however, it has been sested that the woman represents the wife of the seated Hellenistic ruler to her left. As Roman aristocrats greatly admired Alexander the Great and the first generation of his successors, this seated ruler may be a dynast of the early Hellenistic period. The inclusion of this panel and the others that once adorned Room H of the villa at Boscoreale would have created a majestic interior that had particular relevance to political life in Rome during the time the villa was decorated, sometime between 60 and 30 B.C. This period in Roman history witnessed a series of great military rulers—Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony—all of whom were viewed as latter-day Alexanders who eventually would conquer the East for Rome.

peri drapes

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