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Village Bike Shop Chicago - Ongaurd Bike Locks - Classic Bike Saddle.

Village Bike Shop Chicago

village bike shop chicago

    village bike
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village pond

village pond

All the sailors always go biking to this beautiful little town were we enjoy a big ice cone or a beer relaxing at the village pond.
See the pic below:))

Explorer #350 on Monday, November 24, 2008

A small town Nordby on the island Samsoe, one of the best preserved half-timbered and thatched roof villages we have, and a big tourist goal. In the 1700- and 1800 century there were around 50 farms, a rectory and a bell tower all build in half-timber, and gathered around the village pond with all the fields around. They had ships in the sea so quiet a wealthy community at that time.

Now a days a lot of the house has been bought of people from the mainland and a lot of artist have moved here, or the houses have been turned into summerhouses.

Muppets & a CTA cart on Chicago Ave., Chiditarod 2011

Muppets & a CTA cart on Chicago Ave., Chiditarod 2011

First team (& ultimately Best in Show winners!) I ran into after watching the starting line; I'd biked north to warm up with coffee at Atomix nearby. A picture from their cart flew down the street in the nasty wind (this was before the snow) into a puddle and I picked it up for them. Cars honked & I got to explain to some curious drivers what Chiditarod is...

village bike shop chicago

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