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Cables Unlimited Wireless Pc Multimedia Speakers - Wireless G Router For 3g Umts Broadband.

Cables Unlimited Wireless Pc Multimedia Speakers

cables unlimited wireless pc multimedia speakers

    multimedia speakers
  • Computer speakers, or multimedia speakers, are speakers external to a computer, that disable the lower fidelity built-in speaker. They often have a low-power internal amplifier. The standard audio connection is a 3.

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Logitech Multimedia Speaker System Z523

Logitech Multimedia Speaker System Z523

Das Logitech Speaker System Z523 macht?s moglich. Ausgestattet mit zwei Satelliten fullt das Sound-System mit einer Leistung von 40 Watt (RMS) jedes Zimmer mit starkem, dynamischem Sound. Der 6,5-Zoll- Down-Firing-Subwoofer sorgt fur tiefe, wummernde Basse. Beschwert sich der Nachbar, lasst sich mit den komfortablen Reglern – direkt am Lautsprecher angebracht – die Lautstarke schnell und einfach reduzieren.

BRAND NEW - TEC multimedia speaker system

BRAND NEW - TEC multimedia speaker system

BRAND NEW TEC multimedia speaker system

- 120Watts

- Built-in Stereo Amplifier

- Magnetic shielded full ranger Stereo Speaker

- Front access with Volume and Power ON/OFF controls

- Stereo Earphone Jack for 3.5mm Plug

- Connecting cable to sound card, CD player or walkman

- Power Adaptor - The speaker set is built-in with internal power adaptor

Selling: $16

cables unlimited wireless pc multimedia speakers

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