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Wireless Internet Without A Router - Linksys Compact Wireless G Adapter Driver.

Wireless Internet Without A Router

wireless internet without a router

    wireless internet
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  • Wireless Internet Protocols are the suite of wireless protocols after Wireless Application Protocol 2.0 (WAP). It includes XHTML Basic, Nokia's XHTML Mobile Profile, and future developments of WAP by the Open Mobile Alliance.

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wireless internet without a router - NETGEAR Wireless

NETGEAR Wireless Router for Video and Gaming WNDR37AV

NETGEAR Wireless Router for Video and Gaming WNDR37AV

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's been over a week since I last posted. In the meantime:

Our wireless internet router broke, and I now have trouble remembering how the heck I lived without internet at home for so much of my life.
The senior class graduated, I said my farewells, and the campus emptied for the summer.
We had a week of conference meetings, discussion groups, workshops and retreats at Messiah.
I took Rhoda to the ER. We both survived.
My two older sisters, Mary and Sara, came out for a 3-day visit and I showed them my central Pennsylvania world.
I received a call from the Cleveland Clinic. My kidney donation surgery is official, the date set for June 16.
The latest season of Survivor concluded.
I turned 31. (The birthday after any decade mile marker has to be the most anti-climactic event in the universe. Except for 21, of course.)
In the midst of these disorienting disruptions and transitions, I forgot Rhonda's extension at work (I only call her like 6 times a day). And how to Flickr.
We received a replacement internet router.

And, I'm back.

My Computer

My Computer

So this is what I've been updating on. It's pretty right? Yes it is. But right now it's pissing me off. A wireless laptop should be able to be on the internet without an ether net cable pled in. But lately, as in the last four days or so, it's been stupid and it hasn't been loading any internet pages when not pled in. I'm sorry but I can't seem to keep that pled in while I'm downstairs because where my router is is upstairs. *sigh* I'm annoyed.

Picture of the day for January 20th.

wireless internet without a router

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