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Gas Powered Mini Bike - Buy A Road Bicycle.

Gas Powered Mini Bike

gas powered mini bike

    gas powered
  • Refers to Products that use either natural or propane gas as fuel.

    mini bike
  • A minibike, sometimes called a mini moto or pocketbike, is a miniature motorcycle. Most traditional minibikes use a two stroke engine to turn the rear wheel via a chain.

  • (Mini bikes) Very small bikes designed to be simple and fun for children. Generally they have no clutch or shifting to simplify operation. Also known as Mini Motos. Not street-legal in most countries and jurisdictions. May be used for racing by all age levels.

  • [British] a small-wheel bicycle; [American] a small moped; [Japanese] a moped.

gas powered mini bike - NEW AIR



BRAND NEW - MINI 250 PSI Compressor!

Inflates Bike Tires and sporting balls.
Easy to use, Just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power.
Then attach the universal hose over tire adaptor and you are ready to inflate!

Pressure Gauge - measures the correct amount of pressure for your inflatables.
Cigarette Lighter Adaptor - portable 12 volt power.
Nozzle Adaptors - comes with a variety of adaptors, including needles for pumping up balls and rafts.

PSI: rated @ 250
Power: 12 volt DC
Gauge Range: 20psi - 250psi

Handy compressor that doesnt take up a bunch of space.

77% (6)

Going Full Circle

Going Full Circle

Ok, first of all I want to thank "Chaps" for the photo......thanks "Mom". :)

Now a few of my friends have all ready got their laugh on so now all the rest of you go ahead and get yours on. LOL :) Yeah, me, on a moped. Go ahead. :) Just remember who's going to be laughing when I pull up to the gas pump. LOL. And when all those fine babes are clambering to hop on this fine ride. LOL..... :) (you know what they say about us Aquarians...dreamers)

All bs aside. This is my new ride. Well not so new, but new to me. And if you ask a couple of my friends they would tell you that I have been wanting one of these for a long time now. Long before the boat. It is just so perfect for Savannah. So perfect for the Islands. Even perfect for the boat now, if I want to just toss it on and go to another port. But most of all just really so perfect for me right now. It fits all that is me right now. Cheap as hell, stylish, a good camera tote, I can park it on the sidewalks for those quick camera shots I see, and it fits with the slow and laid back lifestyle that everyone should have. I rode it all the way in from my friends, "Rambling" and "Chaps" house today for my first ride. They live all the way out in the country. Some twenty odd miles or so from the resort on Bull River here. And it was a blast. The whole trip. I enjoyed the ride. It was slow, I expected that. It was not the norm on the road, I expected that. But it was cool. :) Im so diggin it all ready. Maybe it was partly because I have rode bikes pretty much all my adult life till recently which leads me to the photo title. Yes this really is full circle. I remember when I got my first "mini-bike". I think it was called a Rupp if I'm not mistaken. I rode that bike all over the place. Across town, across hell and back. The cops never screwed with you back then. That little thing was such a blast. That is until one day me and a friend got on it to go jump some hills that we loved to jump. By this time that damn little mini bike was beat to hell. The cover that went over the top of the little Briggs and Stratton engine had long been gone. From all the wrecks I suppose. You had to take the pull cord and wrap it around the groove in the top of the motor to start it. And if it didn't start you would have to wrap the cord around it again. It was a pain.

Let me give you some history here right quick. Me and my friend were on the track team at school. We were quick as heck and nobody could touch us. No, I'm not bragging here. We really were the fastest. In the 100 yard dash we blew everyone away.

So one day we wanted to go down by the school and jump some hills on the bike. We loved that stuff. We got to where we would just buddy up and take the hills with both of us on it.

On the motor where you would wrap the pull-cord to start it there were these metal fins. With the cover on (which wasn't on) those fins would direct air into the engine because it was air cooled. We never thought about dangers from that crap. We just kept our hand and legs away when we rode. Simple?!? Well not this one day. We barreled ass down this hill and went to jump this other hill and got air born. Only thing, when the bike came down it came down on its side and with us on it. Some how or another my friends leg ended under the engine when we hit and those metal fins ended up digging into his thigh muscle and when it did it grabbed muscle and flesh and jeans and acted like a blender. Just ripped stuff all to hell. To make a long story short my parents got sued over that accident. My friend never ran track again ( me either for that matter ) and barely could even walk. The families clashed, friendships sank. But life went on. I never saw that mini bike again. My Dad got rid of it.

From there I eventually got a Kawasaki 750 two stroke. The fastest production bike on the market at the time. The same angel that still watches over me kept me from killing myself on it. But that bike wasn't me.

The next one was a Triumph 750. To this date it was the most dependable and coolest bike I ever owned.

Then a friend was going to prison and had a Harley Sporster and wanted my truck for his old lady. That's where my life changed forever. After that there were lots of Harley's. Lots of stories. Lots of "angel" saves. Lots of drama, anguish, happiness, marriages, adventure. You name it, I saw or did it on a Harley. Lived in half of the states in America, traveled to most of them.

Now, the circle is complete. I'm back to a damn Mini-Bike. LOL :)

Life has slowed down again, like when I was a kid (hell, I still am). Of course I want it that way.

Of course you have to have a name for your bikes.......can this be called a bike? Hummmm??? But anyway, haven't thought of a name yet. All my Harley's had the same name. I always called them "Bob". Short for "beast of burden". :)

I think the little Honda may take a w

Day 4

Day 4

After attempting to catch up more with the blog, I was off thru Little Rock and on my way to Fort Smith. From there, I hoped to get into Texas.

I was not very impressed with Arkansas. Although I didn't pick a scenic route through the Ozarks, there were only a few places that had some nice views and didn't look dirty. After seeing cans on the roadsides everywhere, I have a new appreciation for Michigan's deposit law.

It is smoking hot by the time I reach Fort Smith. A bank thermometer says 98. The one on the bike reads just over 100. Stopping at what seemed like 100 lights every few yards in Ft. Smith was the worst. I was glad to have the reflective rain cover when I parked the bike. I think it would have melted otherwise.

Once I was moving again out of Ft. Smith, the heat wasn't so bad.

Oklahoma was a pleasant surprise. The eastern side of the state reminds me of northern Michigan only hotter. The temp reached 100 while mine showed 106 on the road.

I had hoped to make Oklahoma City Memorial before 9 pm. The stamp was still available until then. I missed it by a few minutes. After visiting the memorial, the stamp was really unimportant. There were still at least 30 ppl there and no one spoke a word. Even now while typing this it gives me a chill. There's just not much words can do to describe this place. I don't think you can be human and walk thru this place without having you eyes well up at some point.

After I left, I thought I could still make the Texas border. When the impact of Ok City eased a little, I found myself helmet singing "Amarillo by Morning". Western Oklahoma has the worst rest areas so far. The side of the road was better.

Once I reached Texas, the welcome center is a site to behold. All first class and on a grand scale. The theme is Texas promoting wind power.
It is windy there and they have a windmill supplying power for the welcome center. Ironic isn't it?

It was well staffed even that late at night. A staff employee said it would be ok for me to sack out in one of the fancy picnic areas. I slept pretty good on a bench in this dug-out granite and painted steel teepee looking area. The bench was against a wall that blocked the wind and the sound of the nearby windmill helped me fall asleep fast. The temp had dropped 40 degrees. I was all bundled up with my liners installed in my riding gear.

Miles Today: 587
Total Miles: 1906
States Visited Today: 3
Total States Visited: 9
Weather: Very Hot

While getting gas, I talked with two guys on Harley's that were on there way back to NC on a coast to coast run. No gear on them either. One of them showed me his arms. 3rd degree burns from the sun in the desert. They had scabbed up but looked really bad. He said they had blistered and then the blisters opened and he was bleeding. They recommended doing the desert at night. I think I will. They were great guys. Even with the badly burned arms, the trip had put a smile on their faces that they couldn't wipe off.

The most nervous I've been of my surroundings was at a rest area 45 minutes east of Oklahoma City. I had stopped to oil the chain and fill up my camelback. There was too many odd looking guys hanging around. Something wasn't right but I didn't know what. I watched these 3 guys talking that had come very close to where I was parked. At first I was just watching to make sure it wasn't some attempt to rob or steal. I had parked way off by myself. I couldn't understand why they had went so far out of there way to come over by me. I stayed facing them the entire time while also getting the bike ready to roll. They finally split up after some kind of deal had been made
I'm releived after they all leave without incidence. The bike is ready now and I'll be glad to get out of there anyway. An older guy stops in his mini van after I've taken the bike down off the center stand. He's asking questions about the bike when I notice he must have one hell of an itch. Just then I get it; IT'S A PICKLE PARK!
Now the earlier deal making all made sense.
They all got to see the KLR do a wheelie on the way out.

A dozen Nez Perce warriors show up today. They and the enlisted men run foot races and play games. Drouillard and Reubin Field are the fastest runners in the Corp. For the first time, there is an indian that is just as fleet.

gas powered mini bike

gas powered mini bike

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