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Blue Cheese Cookies : Larry King Live David Cook : Different Ways To Cook Chicken Breast.

Blue Cheese Cookies

blue cheese cookies

001.365 I make cookies when I'm feeling lonely.

001.365 I make cookies when I'm feeling lonely.

So here's a pic of me taste testing my cookies - the kitchen is a disaster area! An odd shot for my first new 365 picture, but hopefully they will get better as we go along. I can't let myself get caught up in only taking good shots, some days there just won't be any. That's what killed me last time - if I don't get a good shot, I promise you'll still get something :-) not a new year's resolution, because people don't do those - and I WILL do this.

It's a really weird thing, if I ever get lonely, I cook and bake like mad. Today first I made some cookies (they didn't turn out the greatest) and then I made an elaborate dinner (it was just OK).

The cookies are peanut butter stars (some people use Hershey Kisses). I didn't have baking soda so I used baking powder instead. I knew it'd be a problem...but by the time I realized, it was too late to go to the store and my cookie dough was almost ready to go! So they taste good at least, just a little crunchy. Check out the pictures in my photostream, they sure at least look banging.

For dinner I made Brussels Sprouts with Roast Shallots and Spiced Potato Gnocchi on a Blue Cheese Cream. The sauce and brussels sprouts were delicious - the gnocchi, not so much. I know for next time.

Funny thing though - I didn't realize when I bought the cookbook, but the recipe measurements are all in grams. So it was sort of a crap shoot making the sauce - that is why I love cooking more than baking though. Unlike my cookies, one little ingredient change wouldn't mess up the whole meal!

6-30-10 Blue Cheese Shells and Kale Chips

6-30-10 Blue Cheese Shells and Kale Chips

A more tradition shot. I took a more dramatic photo of this same bento.. please feel free to comment on which of the two you like better! I'm trying to get better at food photography and push the limits of my point-and-shoot a bit more. The days being longer (aka more time for natural light) certainly helps too. :)

blue cheese cookies

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