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Ring Cleaning Solution

ring cleaning solution

CPM Self Cleansing Manholes - Surge Manhole flushing system

CPM Self Cleansing Manholes - Surge Manhole flushing system

CPM Group has an unrivalled history of development, introducing innovative products and partnerships into the market. Continuing with this company ethos, a partnership with Funke Kunstoffe.

G.M.B.H. of Germany has developed a Surge Manhole flushing system offering state of the art technology. The surge manhole is patented throughout Europe. The Funke Group of companies is among the leading suppliers of plastic drainage systems. Since its formation, the company has expanded into a successful group with its expertise, commitment and steadily expanding product range giving a leading position in the German market.

The Surge Manhole is an automatic flushing system which is designed to keep drains clear of settleable solids, grits and silts.

The build up of silt and sediment within sewerage and stormwater systems have many implications such as:

* Reduced flow characteristics
* Increase chance of foul odour problems
* Ongoing cleaning costs, regular jetting
* Damage to pipes by jetting
* Disruption to traffic flows during cleaning operations
* Increased rat population

The Surge Manhole is the most long term cost effective solution to these problems, only requiring rainwater to activate the flushing system.

The Surge Manhole contains maintenance free components which is all incorporated into a reinforced concrete chamber. The system is ideal for difficult to access pipe systems & can be used instead of small pumping stations and for pipe system that are laid on flat gradients.

The Surge Manhole flushing system can be installed into new or existing sewer or surface water drains, and with its continual flushing action ensures the pipelines are kept clean. The cistern volume amount is also adjustable from 400 to 750 litres per flush. The Surge Manhole has the added advantage because of the flushing action, it can be used instead of small Pumping Stations.

Bath Ring!

Bath Ring!

365-127 Sunday, 6th September 2009
Every now and then I will give my rings a proper clean. Generally, I have always just gone with the Fairy Liquid option - it works a treat! But I actually have this "proper" jewelry bath, where I sit the item of jewelry on a little plastic net that gets dunked into a solution which smells suspiciously like diluted fairy liquid! ;) The bath really isn't necessary, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun, so I use it anyway! ;)

ring cleaning solution

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